Turner On UTSA

FIU travels to San Antonio this week to face UTSA. Head Coach Ron Turner spoke with media about the upcoming game.

FIU Head Coach Ron Turner

On the rivalry win vs FAU
“You could sense the meaning of this game as soon as our game was over last Saturday. I said ‘you know who we have next week?’ That’s all I had to say and they let out a big cheer. You could feel the energy on Sunday. Even though we had a short week, they came back on Monday morning for a very short turnaround for a full practice. The energy was tremendous. You could feel it. It meant a lot to bring this thing (the Shula Bowl Trophy) home.”

On the defensive performance
“They are playing great. They are playing with a lot of energy and passion. They are playing together. That’s the important thing. The defensive line and the linebackers are aggressive. They play downhill. They put a lot of pressure on the quarterback and attack the running game. We have two corners that are playing outstanding. Our safeties are very aggressive in the run game. I just love the way we are playing and the attitude of these guys. You could feel it all spring. You could feel it in training camp too. They are playing with an attitude. They are playing with a purpose.”

On the improvements on the running game
“Our offensive line is playing better each week. They are coming together and communicating better each week. Even though we didn’t have as good of a production the week before, we still blocked their (UAB) front really well. They (UAB) just had an extra guy in the box every time. This time (against Florida Atlantic) we blocked the front well for Alex (Gardner). He and Antone (Samuel) also did a really good job of hitting the holes and getting positive yards. Again, our offensive line did a really good job.”

On what has been seen on UTSA
“They are good team. They are a very strong, very stout team. Offensively they do a lot of things. They could do a lot of things that could create problems for us. They have a lot of formations, a lot of shifts, a lot of motions and a lot of different schemes. We need to be prepared for that. They do everything we have seen throughout the year. They don’t do as much defensively, but they are very good. Up front they are strong and physical. After I watched the film, I thought of Pitt. That’s who they reminded me of up front. They were very strong and physical at the point of attack. That is going to be a challenge for us. They are very good.”

On preparing for more than one quarterback
“We will prepare for two. We have to prepare for everything because they do a lot of things. But it comes down to us. More than anything else, we need to focus on ourselves before we prepare for our opponent. We have to take care of our job and our responsibilities. We need to do a great job with our eyes and read our keys. When we do that, we do well.”

On preparing for a noise factor in a dome
“You have to prepare for that any time you are in a dome. We will work on that and prepare for that. We will practice on that. No doubt we will be ready for it. We will play some music during practice and crank the noise up a little bit. We’ll work on it and be ready for it.”

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