Hoops Practice Report: 11.10.14

UTSA is only 5 days away from it's season opener and InsideRunnerSports checks in on practice in preparation for Houston-Tillotson

Giving up 80 points to Southeastern Oklahoma State (SOSU) was a huge concern for Head Coach Brooks Thompson and his staff. It's the reason why UTSA came out Monday with a very high intensity, get after it type attitude on the defensive side of things.

The majority of practice focused on man to man defense, being active while getting into the passing lanes, and closing out to smother the shooter or body up any potential rebounder.

(Practice Notes)

--Christian Wilson is a baller. He can shoot from deep, is super quick and can get to the hole when he wants. He uses his leaping ability to also have an impact on the boards and defense. Trailing defensively on a fast break, he caught up to 6'10" freshman James Ringholt who layed up a shot, only to see Wilson spike it off the backboard for a block.

--Larry Lewis, not the pure shooter Wilson is, uses his size, frame, and dribbling ability to get to the hole. Because of his strength, he can take the contact and more times than not, finish. The UTSA back-court has a promising future.

--James Ringholt showed some great low post moves in Monday's practice. He ran consecutive pick and rolls where he was free to the hoop when he rolled, picking up back to back buckets. On the next possession down the court, he sealed the smaller defender and went glass with a lefty hook shot. His emergence and the unknown status of Phillip Jones, have pressed him into action down low.

--Ryan Bowie continues to show that going into game action, he's the teams most steady shooter. Whether from the corner, wing, or top of the key, Bowie is draining it from deep.

--The team spent close to 25 minutes alone working on a block-out drill to improve rebounding. The focus was body on a body, effort, and intensity, no matter if it was a small on a big.

--Multiple times, Assistant Coaches and Head Coach Brooks Thompson gave 1 on 1 instruction to various players on their close outs. Making sure they make it as tough as possible for any shooter and then not to lose awareness and finish with a block-out to secure the board.

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