WKU Coach Talks UTSA Matchup

Western Kentucky Head Coach Jeff Brohm spoke with media earlier in the week regarding this week's matchup with UTSA.

Western Kentucky Head Coach Jeff Brohm

On the play of WKU QB Brandon Doughty
“He’s done a very good job. I was kidding him after our last loss and jokingly said ‘Just so you know, whether we win or lose depends a lot on how you play.’ We kind of laughed about it but really it’s just a matter of him taking care of the ball. He understands that as a quarterback. You want to play well, you want to do a lot of great things but you want to take care of the ball. I think this past game, Army was dropping a lot of guys into coverage. We were even giving them so play action and they were still dropping a lot of guys into coverage so he had to pull it down a few times, find some lanes for receivers to get open, find a few lanes for him to run, like on the touchdown. I think he enjoyed that as much as any touchdown he’s ever had and it was good to see him do. Him protecting the ball, giving us a chance to score each possession was really great to see him do. I think if he can continue to do that he’s going to continue to improve and get better each and every week.”

On the WKU offense and defense feeding off each other’s play lately
“It’s very important to see that and I think that going into the stretch here of the last two games we’re going to need every unit to play well. So the offense, defense and special teams are going to have to play well for us to win. I think that’s what competitive football is. To see our defense gain a little confidence, to shut some guys out in the fourth quarter, to play hard is good to see. It’s good to see our offense be able to do some things that we haven’t done as well lately as far as running the ball and running for a lot of yards. Being able to move the chains and control the clock definitely helps our team. We’re going to need all three units this week against UTSA to win. I think they definitely feed off each other.”

On UTSA Head Coach Larry Coker
“I have a ton of respect for him and what he’s been able to accomplish. He’s building this program at UTSA and has done a very good job. They’ve had a lot of success early on. They started the year strong with a huge, dominating win against Houston at their home stadium. They played Arizona right down to the wire and then I think they lost their quarterback, which hurt them obviously. They continue to play very, very well on defense. It’s important to us and a challenge for our offense because this is probably as close to a defense as LA Tech as we’ve seen. We’re going to have to be on top of our game, continue to improve and to find ways to score and move the football against a very senior-solid defense."

On extra motivation with bowl eligibility on the line
“I think there’s a lot of motivation. We try to sum it up by saying ‘Hey, we have to win to advance.’ It’s kind of a do or die situation and we understand the importance of that. I think they’ve handled that very well. They’ve worked hard. They’ve put in the extra time, which I think they’ve done and our coaches have done. I’ve stressed it to everyone in the building and this week is no different. For us to advance, we need to win this game. It’s an important game for a lot of reasons. It’s the seniors last home game and we need to find a way to win. I think our guys will respond and work hard. I think they’ll know this game is going to go down to the wire and we need every single player on this team, every unit to play well, execute and do things right in order for us to win.”

On how team has responded on pressure to win the past few weeks
“I think they’ve handled it very well. We try to, early on in the season, instill that every game is important and to take games one-by-one. Whether we win or lose we’re going to come back with the same energy and enthusiasm and try not to focus on down the road. What I wanted to do, sitting there at 3-5, was put a little pressure on our team and let them understand that we’re really in a playoff mentality. We have to win football games if we want to think about advancing. I think our guys have kind of enjoyed that. It’s picked up the pace in practice. We’ve worked hard and we’re having some fun with it. We understand what it means to play in a playoff now and how important it is. I think, as I told them after this past one, each week the competition is going to get steeper. Definitely, this game is going to be tougher than the last one. We’re going to have to raise our level of play. We’re going to have to see how much we can improve as a player, as a unit and as a team to find a way to win. It’s been fun for all of us to put ourselves in that playoff mentality. I think we’ll definitely need it this week if we want to pull out a win.”

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