Offer In The Balance

Recently, a Juco Middle Linebacker was identified by the staff as a target, but a fairly new transfer rule may push him back to transfer in May instead of graduating mid-year.

Nearly two weeks ago, the UTSA staff let the Sacramento City Coaching Staff know that that they were offering Middle Linebacker George Stone. The 6'1" 235lb defensive standout was excited and he quickly spoke with the staff afterwards.

In between then and now, Stone was made aware that there is a new rule going back to last year for "Bounce Back" transfers where the student athlete must spend one full calendar year at their Juco. He's doing the work on his end to be 100% sure on the rule, but in all likelihood, Stone will have to wait until May to graduate and be a regular transfer during the summer.

"The concern now is if I'll be able to leave mid-year. There is a rule that came into effect in 2013 that "Bounce Backs" have to spend one calendar year at their juco. I transferred in from Indiana State over the summer, I'm 2 for 2, and I've taken care of business to graduate," said Stone.

He was a part of the Sycamores 2012 class and upon arriving on campus, the staff decided to red shirt him. At the end of his red shirt year, the majority of the staff that recruited him left for Georgia State. It was time for transition. In the end, the better call was for Stone to get a fresh start and he saw that by going the juco route, landing him at Sac City.

New Mexico is his other offer, however, some big programs have started to take serious interest in George. Louisville has talked with him and received his transcripts a couple of weeks ago. Rutgers, Syracuse and Houston have all started to pick up their recruiting efforts as well.

The UTSA program didn't come as a complete surprise to Stone. Running back and teammate Henry Enyenihi chose Illinois over an offer from UTSA and the staff let Henry know that they were going to recruit George way back when.

With 36 scholarshiped seniors set to depart for UTSA, being a May grad could be reason enough for the 'Runners to weigh other options. Stone has only talked to the staff once since the offer, and for the time being is focusing on finishing out the season with Sac City.

"I talked to my Head Coach about it. We have a bowl game this weekend, we'll handle business, then after that we'll go sit down and talk about what I should do. Clarify the transfer rule and go from there," said Stone.

Contact has still been limited for Stone, but he is keeping his eyes open and would be all for the UTSA staff to have more contact. From doing his own looking, Stone notices, that despite the rough year, the program is on the rise.

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