Juco TE Makes Commit #27

On the first day of the Juco Mid-Year signing period, InsideRunnerSports broke the news that UTSA was targeting another tight end. This morning, we broke the news of his commitment.

Kelvin Williams was in Lone Star State Sunday as he took in the Dallas Cowboys playoff game in person. Although he grew up in Mississippi, his father is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan so he was kind of born into rooting for America's team.

While also in the State of Texas, he had UTSA football on his mind. It was at the point where he felt really comfortable with a decision, and then his phone rang Monday morning.

"He (Coach Reeve) called me today and he checked in. We were talking about the Cowboys game because I know Coach Reeve is a big Cowboys fan and then we started talking about me being a Roadrunner. I told him that's what I want to do, I'm ready to be a roadrunner," said Williams.

The call caught Shaq off guard. "Shaq" is Kelvin's nickname and what he goes by. He had been thinking plenty about his future and his father let him know that if that's what he really wanted to do, then go ahead and do it.

Williams is a big tight end target, standing 6'6" 240lbs, that can be a nightmare match-up in the red zone or a possession TE in the middle of the field and up the seam. Look for him to compete in the two deep immediately. He will be a May transfer and will have 3 years to play 2 when he arrives to campus at the end of the spring.

The biggest factor in what led Shaq to choosing UTSA, was more about the relationship he formed with the staff and it was just so different from any other program recruiting him.

"I really didn't expect that much love, it really surprised me. Some coaches call often and then you don't hear from them. When Coach Reeve called, he just made me feel comfortable."

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