JJ's Journal 1.26.15

InsideRunnerSports reporter JJ Perez shares his thoughts on several topics.

My journal entry for 1.26.15.

Defensive End Commits

Lake Dallas Defensive End Josiah Tauaefa committed to the 'Runners while on his official visit on Sunday. Tauaefa has been on UTSA's radar for about a year now. A player that seems to have a little bit of a mean streak, Tauaefa looks like he will fit in well with workmanlike attitude of the past defensive lines. For this recruiting cylce, UTSA has loaded up on defensive ends. You never know how things are going to shake out but if all the players do end up staying on the roster, one or more of the players may end up moving to the DT spot or the Dawg spot. A lot will depend on how each of the committed players develop in the weight room and on the football field. The committed DEs are: Josiah Tauaefa (Lake Dallas), T.J. King (Irving MacArthur), Benjamin Kane (Citrus JC), King Newton (Carroll), Tyrone Hunt (Arp), and Baylen Baker (Wylie).

Official Visitors

UTSA hosted a handful of official visitors this past weekend. One of them was a commit to West Virginia. While it's a far off to suggest that UTSA could flip a commit to a Big 12 program, just being able to get that type of talent on campus says something. This next weekend is that last opportunity UTSA will have to showcase themselves before signing day. UTSA will have several prospects visiting this last weekend, including a commit to a CUSA program and a commit to a Sun Belt program. Those types of players are certainly in UTSA's wheelhouse, so to speak. With probably only a few spots remaining, look for UTSA to be extremely diligent in selecting players to visit and finalize this class.

Darryl Godfrey

After de-committing from UTSA several weeks ago, O'Connor DB Darryl Godfrey re-committed to UTSA last week. Godfrey has since canceled a previously-scheduled visit to Texas Tech. Rare is it that a player who de-commits to a program ends up re-committing back to that program. But that was the case for Godfrey as an in-home visit from Coach Coker sealed the deal. Godfrey's commitment is important on several fronts. Clearly his presence alone fills a need. But more than that, Godfrey is one of the better prospects in the Greater San Antonio area. Coach Coker has made it a point to try to recruit San Antonio hard. And while UTSA has made their presence known, we've still see some of the top talent leave San Antonio. Godfrey's commitment could signal a shift that some of the top area's talent are in fact considering UTSA as a legit option. Being able to lay a blanket over San Antonio's recruiting scene is a difficult task. But commitments like Godfrey and Brandeis WR Peyton Hall should help with future classes.

30 Commits

30 commit is a great big number. But like I've written about several times, that number can be managed. Without getting into all of the details, some of those players will count to a previous recruiting class. The unknown factor is exactly how many new players will count to this class. The NCAA states that schools can only have 25 new signees in the fall (but they can sign up to 28). The NCAA also says that schools can only have a maximum of 85 players on scholarship. At the end of the 2014 season, UTSA had 81 players on scholarship. Since then there have been additions and departures. UTSA does not release specific scholarship information. Even if they did, it would still be hard to know because of amount of time between now and the beginning of the 2015 season. So many things can happen. Existing players could leave or new players could transfer in. The general consensus as of now is that UTSA has anywhere between 2 and 5 spots left in this class, but that could change in a heartbeat as is the case in the world of recruiting.

UTSA Basketball

UTSA Hoops played two very good games over the weekend. On Thursday, UTSA picked up a big road win over Marshall behind a career-game from Jeromie Hill. The 'Runners led wire to wire for a quality CUSA victory. On Saturday afternoon, UTSA went toe to toe with league-leading Western Kentucky. Coming in on a 8-game winning streak, the Hilltoppers looked like they were a little surprised by the 'Runners efforts. UTSA gave WKU everything they could handle and more as they were within 3 points late in the game before the Hilltoppers pulled out a 9 point win. It may not show up in the standings and the box scores, but this young UTSA squad is improving each game. UTSA has played very well with some of the top teams in CUSA. The 'Runners may not end up as one of the top teams in CUSA this season, but they will certainly surprise some come tournament time, especially if the team continues to improve.

Super Bowl 49

It's that time of the year where friends and family gather to watch one of the biggest spectacles in all of sports, the Super Bowl. This year's game features the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. Being a long-time Dallas Cowboys fan, I have no real rooting interesting in the game. But I wanted to bring this up as a topic because of the significance I feel it has to professional football. Should the Seahawks win, they will have won back to back championships for the first time since the Patriots repeated in 04-05. Winning back to back Super Bowls in this era is such a difficult task. Just being able to get there is an accomplishment in and of itself. Should the Patriots win, they will have cemented themselves as this era's dominate football franchise. Four titles in six appearances sprinkled over the last decade is impressive. Regardless of who wins, history will be made on Sunday.

Closing Thoughts - Coach 1K

Duke Head Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski became the first Division I men's basketball coach to win 1,000 games. Coach K is widely regarded as one of the best coaches in the history of men's college basketball. One of the things that sets him apart is the way he's done it, with class. There may not be a coach out there that is more respected than Coach K. Rare is it that we are able to watch a living legend at work. On Sunday, we were able to see one of the biggest accomplishments we will see in basketball. These types of moments are few and far between. They should be appreciated.

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