Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown Talks NSD

Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown talked about National Signing day

UTSA Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown

On the Challenges in Building the 2015 Class:
"It's more numbers than we've had and more junior college players. We were short two coaches for a long part of it. It helped that we got a lot of kids on campus this time last year on junior day. The kids we had at junior day were outstanding. You get in and build those relationships and then those relationships have to weather the storm a little bit. It was a challenge but we're excited about what we got."

On Peyton Hall:
"Part of recruiting Peyton was the possibility of playing early. We lost 8 seniors at WR. The kids that we bring are going to have a chance to play. With Peyton, there are two things: he has balanced speed and he has great body control when the ball is in the air down the field. That's one of the things we've got to get better at. When you a wideout that can stretch the field, that helps. We're really excited about him but speed is the man factor with him."

On Current QB Blake Bogenschutz:
"He's leading. At that position, that's what you have to do. He's starting to organize some throwing sessions, not directed by us. He's doing it on his own. He's getting more guys out there. That shows you they're ready to turn this thing around. Quarterback is a big part of that, and he's taken charge."

On QB Signees Manny Harris and Jaylon Henderson
"I like them a lot. Both of them are dual-threats. Manny can get the ball out quick. He broke every record that RGIII had Cove. He's got a strong arm, quick release, gets it out quick and is smart. The thing about Manny is that he's very poised. Jaylon is the same, just a competitor. The first time I saw Jaylon, they threw him an alley oop at practice. He threw it down with some authority. His athletic ability jumps off the page right away. He came to camp in Katy, showed a really good arm.. He's accurate and is 6'2/220lbs. Essentially you're going to get an extra tailback back there as far as him being able to run the ball. That opens up a lot of dimensions in the offense."

On JaBryce Taylor and Gabe Casillas committing at the end
"We missed out on a lot of the mid-year offensive linemen. Once that comes and goes, you go to your May list. Gabe was on the May list. We were fortunate to get him. He'll be here in June. Gabe will compete. We've known about JaBryce for awhile. It just came down to did we want to take a junior college WR or not. We need lost others, we needed some length. JaBryce was there and available. I credit Coach Popovich for staying on him. Keeping the lines of communications with both of those kids was important. We worked restlessly staying on those kids."

On How Tough it is to Land a Juco OT
"Everyone wants them. The biggest difference between FCS and a big-time FBS is the line. You can get comparable skill kids. I think that's what separates a lot of the Power 5 from the mid-majors, those guys upfront. If they're available mid-year, you get a whole spring to develop them that way come August, they know your system. So they're high priority and in high demand. I don't think that it's anything with us in particular, we have the same problem everywhere else."

On the Oline
"Clayton Woods is already here. Him and Alex Snow can both snap. We've got Juan Perez back. You want to have three guys that can snap the football. So I'm fired up about them. We'll let it sort out but they project as center and guard. Zach Pare is probably going to grey shirt. He had shoulder surgery so we're going to let that heal. Shane Block, from Yukon, he's going to have a chance to come in and play. We lost five offensive linemen, four of those are starters."

On the Search for an OL Coach
"There's been a lot of interest. It boils down to finding the best one. We've been on the road. That was a big emphasis. This was such an important recruiting class that we needed to focus on that. When you're on the road, you don't have time to do a thorough job interviewing. There's been a couple guys in already. We'll bring in another on Monday. We're going to get the right guy."

On Trying to Rebound From Last Season
"Sometimes when you have a season like that, sometimes change is the best. It's almost like a fresh start. With all the new faces, now you've got guys fighting for jobs. You've got competition that raises everyone's level. It's a matter of them buying into what we're selling and creating a culture of a chip on your shoulder attitude of us against the world."

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