Coach Reeve Talks Recruiting

Tight End's Coach Charlie Reeve just completed his third season as an assistant coach at UTSA. Following National Signing Day, Reeve gave our staff some insight on how this recruiting class was built.

Tight End's Coach Charlie Reeve

What were some of the challenges in building this recruiting class?
"We're recruiting a higher caliber kid. Because of that, obviously there is going to be more competition. The biggest thing is that we've been on these guys for a long time, especially the guys I recruited. In fact, about half of those guys came to Junior Day last year and ended up committing shortly after. Sometimes it's hard to hold on to a kid that's been committed for a whole year than it is to a kid that committed a month ago. The biggest thing is the relationship."

Do you feel like putting in work early in the cycle helped?
"I really feel like you can out-work people in recruiting. When I say that, it's just working on building those relationships and putting in the time and effort. We got on these kids early. I think it means something to sometimes be the first guys that believe in them enough to take a chance on them. But the hard part is holding on to them for that long. We've had a lot of people come in on guys, and that says a lot about their character, standing on their word. Today commitments don't mean a whole lot. So I think the character we've got of these guys coming in has really shown."

What do you think about a potentially early signing period for regular signees?
"If you bumped it up early, recruiting would probably start earlier. It's probably the same thing."

What can you tell us about Kelvin “Shaq” Williams?
"He's got a lot of potential. He was a receiver in high school. His freshman year at Southwest, he was a receiver and he was their guy, their main target. He naturally continued to get bigger, they moved more to a tight end/h-back role this past season. Immediately he's going to bring some athleticism and receiver skills to the position. He's probably not going to be as far along in some of the run game and blocking as some of the other guys. Those are things we can get in there and teach. We'll get him to where he needs to be. But as far as length and size and athleticism, he's got all of that."

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