State of the Baseball Program

With the 2015 season about to start we take a look at the State of the UTSA Baseball Program with Head Coach Jason Marshall.

Nestled away on the far west side of UTSA's main campus is where you will find Roadrunner Field. Affectionately known as "The Bird Bath", this is the home of UTSA Baseball. With over a $1 million dollars in recent upgrades, the will be the home to UTSA Baseball in the near future.

With things in the short term appeared to be set, and with the ball rolling for potential growth, third year Head Coach Jason Marshall talks with InsideRunnerSports about the state of his baseball program.

You're in your third year as a Head Coach. What have been some of the surprises?
"From promoting the program and being an advocate of the program, that's a very easy thing for me. Managing the game, I'm a work in progress. I'm still a third year head coach. And that's okay. I don't know that I should know everything in year three."

What are some of the challenges in running this program?
"The program-building part of it, I've been here long enough to know that things don't happen over night. So you just dig in and keep fighting for your program and trying to push folks to really see the value of baseball on this campus. We hope at some point we put together a ball park and an atmosphere that every top recruit in our city and state recognizes us as an option. That's the ultimate goal, for kids not to look past us. We still have a ways to go. A good step forward is putting good players out here and seeing the level of our play."

What is the State of the UTSA Baseball Program right now? "We're a top 80 or 90 program. Out of 300+ programs, I really think we're somewhere in that top 100. There's still a little bit of an image issue of telling people who we are and proving the wins aren't a flash in the pan. You just keep trying to be consistent and keep working hard."

What's the goal of the program?
"The fact of the matter is you just look around this field and the whole place is growing up around you. It's just a matter of before we grow up too. You set your sights on being one of those up and coming programs. That's our hope, to start getting into that mix and just being a consistent player in that top 40-50 range of schools."

Is there still a debate on whether baseball should remain on-campus or move to Park West?
"We've come to a realization that keeping baseball on campus is the best bang for our buck. We've already got $1.5 million invested. I think we'd spend our money wisely putting it here. If the golden goose laid a golden egg and $25 million dollars fell into our lap, going over to Park West and having a marquee that sits on 1604, I think that would sell itself. Until we get to that point, I think we try to rock this atmosphere right here on campus. We try to make it a fan-friendly/student-friendly atmosphere. Even in the limited space we have we try to make these nights as fun as possible. That's the overall goal."

Note: According to Coach Marshall, the new locker room facility is scheduled to be completed on or around April 1.

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