Practice Report (4.1.15)

UTSA is nearly at the halfway point of their spring practices and on a rainy Wednesday morning we caught up with Head Coach Larry Coker to see how practice went.

As a reminder, practice is closed to all media and the public, but InsideRunnerSports spoke with the UTSA head man and a couple of players after Wednesday's session.

(Larry Coker)

*Opening Statement*
We really worked hard on fundamentals today and that's what we're trying to do. Find guys that we can compete and win with. All positions, we're not there yet. Our number ones are playing pretty decent, but positions are open, we want to see guys compete. We have to build some depth, I've liked what I've seen so far, but we got a long way to go.

How is the offensive line looking and are you healthy, seeing Juan Perez with a cast on his hand?
Juan has moved to tackle because of the cast. He's a really good football player, we can with Juan. What it does it allows us to get some other guys some looks, that's what I told our players. We have some guys nicked up and hurt a little bit, that gives others the opportunity to get better and that's where we are there. Offensive line is really a key for us because we lost a lot of guys as you know. We've got some good players there, we're not solid there yet and I think that's why we have to compete, get better, and at the end of spring we have to be solid on the offensive line, but we're not there yet.

Talking about the young offensive lineman having to step in on the O-line
Clayton Woods is a young player he graduated early. He's going to be a really good football player. I tell ya, (Reed) Darragh and (Kyle) McKinney are both going to be fine. McKinney, I've been especially pleased with. He's done a great job. Darragh is aggressive, he's got some ability and skills, he competes, he's going to be fine. McKinney is smart, has good body control and he competes. Those are things that I like out of him. He's been here for a little while so he knows how college football is supposed to be, I like him a lot. He's working strictly at guard now, but he's gonna have to be able to help us there (tackle) because we're gonna be thin there. Guys have to be able to play both positions.

Talk about Jarveon being the lead back and the depth behind him
I think for sure Jarveon is outstanding. I'm serious when I say that. I think Jarveon can be a back that can play any place I've been, he's special. I think Jalen (Rhodes) has a lot of ability and I think he's got a chance to be a good football player. He's working hard at it and wants to be. He just hasn't played in a while with the injuries. He's gonna be a good player. Corbin (White) will be ready for the fall, he'll have the summer and he's that big back we really-really need. Exactly like Evans (Okotcha). Corbin is very talented, I saw him a lot in junior college. I think he's going to be a special player for us.

(Mauricio Sanchez)

With all the seniors, gone, do you feel an extra sense of responsibility being that leader in the secondary replacing a Nic Johnston or Triston Wade?
Absolutely, being able to come in with those guys and learn from them and seeing Nic Johnston and Triston Wade, how they led this defense last year. I learned a lot, now they're no longer here and someone has to take that spot. I know what it's like to start as a true freshman, so all the freshman coming in I take them under my wing and try to get them right as far as the playbook. I'm proud to hold that and I know that it becomes a responsibility on my part. I feel like I'm made for it.

Of the young DB's coming in, has anyone surprised you or stood out?
Yeah, Isaiah Santos who grey shirted, he's really picking up the defense well. He's rotating in with the second "Dawgs" behind (Mike) Egwuagu. (Austin) Jupe is real aggressive, he runs to the ball every play. He's learning, we're all learning. Obviously Nate Gaines, I got an opportunity to meet Nate when he came down for his visit. He's in his playbook all the time and always trying to get better. I feel that those three guys really impress me as far as safeties.

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