Spring Practice Report 4.8.15

UTSA held practice #10 of the spring. Head Coach Larry Coker talked about the team's progression.

UTSA Head Coach Larry Coker

Opening Statement
“This was a good day for us. We came out and got better. I really like both quarterbacks, Austin and Blake have really done a nice job. Kenny Bias at wide receiver has done a really good job. Kyle McKinney is doing really well. I'm just excited for what I see. We've got a lot of work to do to get our offensive line shored up. Defensively, both linebackers are playing awfully good, Drew and Marcos, they're doing a nice job. Michael Egwuagu, he's having a lot of fun at practice and is a gonna be a good player.”

On the new offense
“We're not running a lot of different plays but we're trying to have a better tempo. We don't want to be lazy. For us to have a chance to win we really have to pick the tempo up and be aggressive. And that's what we've got to do, not just in the speed of the plays but also being aggressive down the field.”

When you say better tempo, do you mean no-huddle?
“We do a lot of no-huddle stuff, yeah we do. We don't need to huddle. We've really picked that up quite a bit. It's kind of been exciting for us.”

Do you anticipate running no-huddle all of the time?
“We'll huddle, it depends on what we need to do. If we get in a four-minute offense where we've got the game won and we need to run out the clock, those are the times we will probably huddle. It will just depend on the situations.”

How are special teams looking?
“They're doing good. Consistency is the big thing. We've got to get the consistency there, that's the big thing. For us to be good, we've got to be good in all three phases. I don't know if we're going to be great in any phase but we can be solid on special teams, solid on offense, and solid on defense.”

How are the Corners playing?
“Our corner backs are really playing well. (Bennett) Okotcha has really done a great job. He plays like an NFL corner. He has nice control and is really moving around well. He also has a lot of confidence, he's really done an outstanding job.”

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