Kevin Brown Talks Spring Practices

UTSA Offensive Coordinator talks spring practices and the Roadrunners uptempo offense.

UTSA Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown

How's the new uptempo offense looking?
“We worked on it last spring too. We want to have the ability to change tempo. We don't want to go fast the whole time or we don't want to go slow for the whole time. This spring, like every other spring, we focus on fundamentals, but yeah, we are changing the pace a little bit, we're toying with some things. So we're bouncing around, so far its been good.”

Do these players' background help with this type of offense?
“I think the background always helps a little bit but its more doing what you're personnel does best. It is about who you have, who your play makers are gonna be and the best way to get them the ball.”

Are the players picking things up?
“Yes. We kind of got into it last spring in the Southern Miss game, we went fast the whole game. It's not necessary anything new we've been doing it's just a few tweaks here and there.”

Have practices gotten better?
“We've seen progress at all positions. The things is we just lost 36 seniors so you've got a bunch of young guys. It's a new energy, they're bouncing around and competing for spots. But at the same time they haven't gone through the system yet. It's been an adjustment but yes we're seeing progress. We said from the beginning, lets get 5% better. Lets get the attitude and energy right and get 5% better this spring.”

Who have been some of the top performers?
“The quarterbacks have made progress. The top 3, Bogie, Austin, Dalton, we've seen some good things and they are getting better fundamentally. Its good to see them coming along. Up front, we've got a new faces there Will Cavanauagh is steady. Reed Darragh, Juan Perez, Kyle McKinney all 3 of them they are inseparable, they have a chemistry. Those 3 have really stepped up and they need to.”

Are Kenny Bias, Kerry Thomas, and Aaron Grubb your top WRs?
“I think you hit the nail right on the head there, those are probably the top 3. I put David Morgan in the same category. Those 4 are our play makers, they can make explosive plays. Kenny made one out here today, we just have to get them the ball.”

How has RB Jalen Rhodes looked?
“He's been a pleasant surprise. Jarveon, Jalen, and even Bryan Vaughn, there's not a lot of separation, we're still trying to sort that out. You see some good things from some kids you haven't seen in a while just because we've been so log-jammed on the depth chart. Jalen got hurt the first padded practice last spring. You talk about adversity, we grey shirted him, he's get back finally and then he gets hurt. So his attitude has been great and now his confidence is starting to get up. He's starting to run better and he's starting to get his pads down. He's running like a running back should. Its practice ten and he's made strides.

Are you okay with some of your best players playing on Special Teams?
“I may be in the minority of offensive coordinators, but I think the best players need to play whether that's offense, defense, or special teams. The better players you have on special teams, the better special teams are. We've got to be careful but at the same time we have to get our explosive players the ball. A lot of times the most space you get is on punt returns and kick returns. So we want to get our play makers the ball whatever way we can.”

Are you going to shorten your rotation at WR?
“That's still a work in progress. As long as our explosive guys can go, we're gonna let them go. If those guys can play, you want them in the game. That helps morale and keeps people fresh. So we're gonna kinda play that by ear.”

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