UTSA Offers Giblin First

Port Neches-Groves WR Jack Giblin has gotten some interest from some other programs recently. With a UTSA offer on the table, Giblin talks about his recruitment.

Port Neches-Groves WR Jack Giblin was offered by UTSA about a month ago. Since then, staff have stayed on him pretty steady.

“The staff is great. The people are nice. It just seems like a great program. It’s been pretty fun having them come visit me,” Giblin said of UTSA.

What Giblin says he likes most about UTSA is the potential.

“It’s grown a lot in five years,” said Giblin. “It has the potential to become a really great school. I went to their Junior Day and I was impressed.” UTSA is Giblin’s first offer, although schools like Texas Tech, Houston, ULL, Yale and Harvard have shown recent interest.

“I’m just looking for a place that’s right for me. I want to like all of the players and staff and feel like home. The community is important,” said Giblin.

Academics are also of huge importance to Giblin. With a current 4.2 GPA, he is also considering Ivy League Schools.

“The Yale and Harvard thing is going to be a big experience for me,” Giblin said about potential visits to Ivy League Schools. “It’s far away from home. It’s going to be really tough. I have to make sure that I really like it there. I’m just going to be exploring places and visiting people.”

Giblin is 6’3” and 220lbs. He plays WR for Port Neches Grove but UTSA likes his versatility.

“They want me for tight end. They want me to split out and play WR sometimes,” said Giblin. “I’ve got speed that no one thinks I have. I’m usually a lot stronger than a lot of the linebackers I go again. I can block as good as I can run. My routes have gotten a lot better. I work on those every day. My goal is to be the best route-runner I can be.”

Giblin will spend most of June camping at various schools.


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