2015 UTSA "Elite" Hoops Camp

Once the summer months are upon us, it's time for basketball prospects all around Greater SA to hit the camp circuit. The 'Runners will be holding their "Elite" camp on Friday and so far the confirmed talent is very impressive.

When it comes to recruiting, there is always an emphasis on owning your backyard. That's something that UTSA Basketball has not been that successful with over the years, but it starts on the ground level in attracting local talent to stay home, and there's no better way to start than putting on a successful camp to attract the area's best ballers.

The 2015 UTSA "Elite" Camp is set for Friday morning and will be a one day event at the UTSA Convocation Center. IRS, along with our affliate, www.AlamoCityHoops.com, is bringing you the latest on any area prospect that will be in attendance. As of late Wednesday night, this year's camp is full of headliners who are worthy of D1 offers and consideration.

We have a running list of confirmed attendees in the forum, but here is a list of headliners who have confirmed their attendance so far with their AlamoCityHoops ranking if currently ranked:


Ellis Jefferson PG (Brandeis) #2
Jhonathan Dunn SG (Alamo Heights) #4
Zac Saddler SG/SF (New Braunfels) #5
Jalon Gates PG (Clemens) #9
Charles Johnson SF (Warren)
Lavaris Duncan PF (Judson)
Devin Blair PG (Judson)
Jarehn White PG (Judson)
Jamell Bradley SF (Judson)
Dominique Bradley PF (Judson)
Sam Kearns PG (Clemens)


Frank Harris PG (Clemens)
Stanley Umede SG/SF (Warren)
Greg Bowie PG/SG (Johnson) UTSA OFFER
Jeff Fesperman SG (Churchill)

There are still a handful of top prospects in both the '16 and '17 class who aren't sure if they'll be able to attend. Either way, this will be the most talented group yet, of prospects to attend UTSA's "Elite" Camp.

Stay tuned to see if any other offers go out, as the staff recently extended one to Johnson PG/SG Greg Bowie II. This could be a potential philosophy change in recruiting efforts by Head Coach Brooks Thompson and his staff. Time and camp performances will help tell.

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