Bogenschutz Talks Fall Camp

Redshirt Freshman Blake Bogenschutz is the #1 QB at the start of fall practices. The East-Texas native talks about the start of fall camp, UTSA’s new up-tempo offense, and the competition at QB.

As fall practices heat up, Blake Bogenschutz has secured the starting QB role for the meantime. But with Michigan transfer Russell Bellomy and Sophomore Austin Robinson pushing him for playing time, will Bogenschutz be able to hold on to the starting position when the season begins? With the competition for signal-caller at an all-time high, Bogenschutz talked about the start of fall practices.

You had a good spring, do you think you’ve picked up where you left off?
“I honestly feel that all of the work we did this summer has help us be way ahead of where we were in the spring. As far as the mental aspect of the game, we’re right where we were. I think everybody is bigger stronger, faster, and you can see that today. We look like a fast team. We’re young but we have some good, talented guys out here.”

Do you like the new up-tempo offense?
“I didn’t run it in high school. Last year we ran an offense that was kind of like mine in high school so I picked it up fast. It doesn’t get any better than this. It makes the defense play base. You can do so much stuff to exploit the defense. That’s what we’re going to try to do. We’re going to try and go fast and make them play a base defense that we can exploit.”

Will fans be surprised by the names of players who can make plays this season?
“We’ve got a ton of guys who have came in and a ton that can make plays. There’s no telling who is going to be on the field in Tuscon. We’ve got several guys that are capable of making plays. We’re going to put the best guys on the field. I think the spring game gave the fans a little bit more to cheer about. They can see the offense has picked up. We’re going to try to help our defense out and not to try to rely too much on our defense. We want to have long drives for them so they can get rest. That’s where tempo comes in, we’re going to try to wear down their defense and wear down their team before they wear down ours.”

What do you think of Russell Bellomy?
Russell is a veteran guy. He’s been in a big program, he knows how to do things. I think with all of our quarterbacks, our work-ethic has gotten so much better since he’s gotten here. He’s pushed us to get better. They brought him in for competition, that’s what he’s going to be. We’re all competing for each other. I think that’s a great thing for us. He’s a great competitor, period. He’s going to come out and compete everyday and that keeps us going.”

Does this season feel like a fresh start as compared to last season?
“The first generation has come and gone. They set up the program for us. We’ve talked about it, it’s really a new era. We’ve got a new offense, we’ve got new guys, we’ve got 30-something freshmen coming in. It’s really a new team. We’re young and we’re really fast and talented. The first generation came in and set it up for us. I’d say this is our second generation and we’re going to try to get this thing going the right way.”

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