Davenport Transitioning to Every Down

Sophomore DE Marcus made an impact in 2014 as a situational player. Now in 2015, he jumps into the starting lineup. The San Antonio-native talks about fall practices.

UTSA DE Marcus Davenport:

What are you looking to improve this season?
“I’m trying to improve my run-stopping and just be a better pass-rusher. I want to be able to get to the quarterback. I think that would make a big difference this year.”

Will it be difficult to transition to an every-down player?
“It’s going to be some work but I’ve been working hard to get to that point. It’s a process.”

How were summer workouts?
“All of the d-lineman had our own practice working on all of the techniques. We did a lot of hand explosions and footwork.”

What was it like playing as a true freshman?
“There were nerves but I quickly had to get over them to help the team.”

Do you want to pattern yourself after Jason Neill?
“Right now I weight 230lbs. I want to get up to 250lbs. Right now, he’s (Jason Neill) is my mentor. Sometimes me and him work together, just the both of us. I’m trying to learn his speed and his punch. He has a really good punch.”

Are you worried about depth at the DE position?
“We’ve got some good freshman working hard. We also have Justyn Eddins, Ben Kane, and Romario Napoles working hard. They’re all good.”

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