Robinson Ready to Compete

Sophomore Austin Robinson begins fall camp as one of the backup QBs. The Houston-native talks about fall practices and the QB competition.

UTSA QB Austin Robinson interview:

How was your offseason?
“It was very beneficial. I worked on a lot of my mechanics. It was very restful, which was very much needed. I got healthy and just got focused on playing and getting ready for the season.”

How was your offseason?
"I saw a lot of guys getting better. We were a lot more fluent than in any other summer. I felt like myself and JaBryce (Taylor) had a great connection. We watch film together all of the time. I’ve helped him with the playbook. I feel like I’m running better. JaBryce is a phenomenal athlete and I feel like we’re going to be fantastic."

What do you think of the new up-tempo offense?
“It’s going to be very beneficial for us. It’s going to be hard to blitz against it. Everyone is going to this type of offense. It’s going to be beneficial to me, because it’s more of what I did in high school and for this team, we like to play fast. We’re young but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to be good. This offense is really going to be beneficial to our assets.”

Have you run this offense before?
“Against Southern Miss, we ran it the entire game. It really helped. It helped me, being a young quarterback, with all of those (defensive) looks. Now that I have more experience, I’m able to call those looks out more. But even without those looks, they don’t have time to do that as a defense. So that’s going to get us into a rhythm and that’s going to allow us to get the ball to the playmakers.”

What do you think about the QB competition?
“I’m ready to go no matter what. First game of the season, second game of the season, whenever it is, I know my number is going to get called. It’s just a matter of when.”

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