Stevens Ready to Contribute

After spending several years in a reserve role, Trevor Stevens has now moved into the back role at Tight End. The Friendswood-native talks about fall practices and the upcoming season.

UTSA TE Trevor Stevens interview:

How is practice going?
“My fall is going pretty well. We put in a lot of work this summer. We were out there every single day so we’re conditioned and ready to go. Guys are working hard, there’s good team chemistry. I think the guys have a better grasp with everything that’s going on. I think I’m doing pretty well, just trying to build on little things every single day. Coach Reeve tells us that we’re at the point now where we just need to focus on the little things. For me and Dave (Morgan), we’ve been here for 4 or 5 years, it’s the little things, playing from the head up.”

What’s the new up-tempo offense like?
“Over the summer we worked harder than we’ve ever had. We’re in better condition so that we can do the past-paced offense, so we can make those 10-12-play drives in two minutes. We’re trying to get a play off every 15-20 seconds. It’s a condensed offense. It gives the defense less options. Conditioning is the big key to that. If we’re not conditioned, we can’t do that. This is our conditioning right here. You notice, we don’t run after practice, it’s just going and going for 2.5 hours.”

What do you think about starting QB Blake Bogenschutz?
“Ever since he’s been here he’s got that leadership mentality. He’s focused every single day. Guys trust him, guys respect him. Guys trust that he’s not going to leave him out to dry if he throws them a ball. The guys trust that he can make plays. I think that’s the biggest thing. Everybody see’s him on the field but he’s a great guy off the field.”

Is there a rivalry between the offense and defense?
“It’s our job to get our teammates better. If we’re not pushing them and getting in their face, then we’re not doing our job. It can’t be one-sided. We need our defense to be just as good as our offense.”

You’re seeing more reps this fall, how do you think you’re doing?
“Things are going pretty well. I’ve been here going on my fourth year. I put in the work. Training all of those years, I think I’m ready. It’s all the little things now to make sure I’m ready for whenever I get in there this year. I think I’m doing well working every single day. I’m doing my best to improve and I think I’m making progress.”

Are you seeing some time on the first team?
“We’re mixing up reps. The one’s huddle, me and Dave are switching and the other huddle is just trying to get guys reps and get guys practice. Shaq’s (Juco TE Shaq Williams) just trying to get into the offense so it’s going to take some time for him to get the technique that Coach Reeve wants. He’s going to pick it up but it’s going to take him watching other people and getting mental reps.”

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