Vaughn Back At Full Speed

Finally healthy, RB Brian Vaughn brings another level of speed to the backfield for UTSA. The Junior talks about fall practices and the upcoming season.

UTSA RB Brian Vaughn interview:

How are fall practices going?
“Fall is going great. The running backs are doing good, the whole offense is coming together, the whole team is coming together. It’s great to be back out here.”

What was it like being banged up these past few seasons?
“It’s been tough but I’ve got a great group of guys around me that keep my head up. We have a great medical staff, we just have a great program here at UTSA. They’ve been able to get me strong and to the point where I am right now.”

You’re one of the backup RBs, what’s it like playing more?
“It’s great to get more reps but I really don’t pay attention to the depth chart. I always put myself as #1 so that I can make myself work harder. We have a great group of running backs who are always competing. It’s really a great competition. We’re a close group of guys, I love it.”

Do you feel like you’re one of the leaders in the backfield?
“Yes, especially based off experience. As far as on the field and off the field, I feel like I need to be a leader in the classroom and in other areas as far as listening to coaches and things like that.”

How beneficial was the summer coming off injury?
“The summer workouts were great. I never missed a day, I was 100%. I got a lot stronger, a lot faster, and a lot more explosive.”

What do you think about the new up-tempo offense?
“This new offense fits our team and myself a whole lot better. We have a lot more speed on this team. I think it’s a very comforting fit with our team and I think we’ll excel greatly with it.”

What are the goals for this season?
“The goals for this year are for the team to win a bowl game and win a conference championship. We want to shock Conference USA because a lot of people don’t have us where we believe we should be in. Our goals are for this team to do great things. It’s pretty disrespectful (the preseason prediction), but that’s okay because that’s nothing but fuel to the fire.”

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