Dahlquist Ready for Action

After sitting out the spring with an injury, Safety Chase Dahlquist is back and ready to play. The Junior talks about the upcoming season.

UTSA Safety Chase Dahlquist interview:

How are fall practices going?
“The fall is going pretty good. I took a lot from the lessons I learned last season, since I wasn’t here in the spring, and put them in this fall. I’ve been making some good plays, we’ve had some good competition between me and Egg (starting Dawg S Michael Egwuagu). It’s been like that at a lot of the positions so it’s going pretty good.”

What was it like last season transitioning from Rover to Dawg Safety?
“It wasn’t as hard as you would think it is. When we’re in film, we go over everyone’s position so you need to pay attention to the whole defense. When you know the whole defense, you know exactly what you’re doing and you can trust that the other players will be there for you. Really, it wasn’t as hard as it seemed. You just have to study and ask questions.”

What was the injury that kept you out during the spring?
“I had a back injury in high school. I guess it never really healed so I decided to get a back brace during the spring. It was very frustrating seeing your teammates out there without you. We’re all competitors. The grind that we do with each other makes us a whole. And not being able to participate with them was real frustrating.”

The defense was good last season, can the unit be better this season
“I really think we can be better because our offense is fast tempo and we’re going to be facing some fast tempo this year. We’ll be ready for it. A lot of people don’t think we’re going to be as good because we lost a couple of people. But with the people we lost, we brought in people just as good and even better maybe.”

How can the defense create more turnovers?
“We really work on communication with each other. If we can trust each other more, we can be in a position to work toward the ball. We’re always looking at those types of things in film. The turnovers are really going to depend on effort.”

How do you view the non-conference schedule?
“It’s more of a bring-it-on mentality. I really don’t look at the future schedule. I look at who’s next.”

Can UTSA be competitive vs Arizona”
“I feel like we should have had them last year but there were some key plays we messed up on. Arizona thinks we’re going to be an easy game. We always turn heads early, so we’re going to turn heads.”

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