UTSA Insider: OC Kevin Brown

UTSA is implementing a new up-tempo offense this season. InsideRunnerSports talks with Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown about how the offense has looked so far during fall practices.

UTSA Insider Report with Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown:

How have fall practices been going?
‘It’s going good. It’s been hot and heavy. It’s going good so far.”

You scrimmaged Monday, how did it go?
“It went well. We got about 87 plays in a little over an hour. It was really quick. It went well. We’d like to get the play off between :15 - :20 (seconds on the play clock).”

What’s the biggest thing with your up-tempo offense?
“We ran it last year in the Southern Miss game. It’s a different type of conditioning. Coach Dudely (Strength and Conditioning Coach Charlie Dudely) has done a great job with them over the summer and this past spring. The work in the spring has really helped us.”

Blake Bogenschutz is QB1 so far. What have you seen from him?
“He’s consistent. He’s going to get you in the right situations and keep in out of bad situations. He’s smart, a leader, and has all of the intangibles. He makes plays. It’s a battle. He came into fall camp #1 but those guys are scratching and clawing for that job. It’s good competition. With Blake, you can throw it up on the board and he gets it right away. He’s very, very intelligent. I’m pleased to have him. We can put some things on him.”

How has Senior Transfer QB Russell Bellomy looked?
“He’s accurate and he’s smart. He picked it up really fast. He’s been at Michigan so he’s been exposed to a lot of these things. That’s the biggest thing about him. He got here, he studied it, he learned it and he’s jumped in there and is getting reps with the one’s and two’s. He’s accurate. If you’re a quarterback, that’s number one.”

Do you think QB Austin Robinson will play in some situational roles?
“It’s too early to tell. I’m going to wait for fall camp to go on and then we can start solidifying the depth chart. Austin had a really good scrimmage. We’re not overlooking anyone. He’s the most experience guy on our roster. You have to keep that into consideration. He had a good spring and has had a good fall so far. He was a redshirt freshman last year, that’s the thing people forget. The thing about it is that you learn from that stuff. You get thrown in the fire and you learn from experience and he’s the most experience guy we’ve got.”

Have you been pleased with what you’re seen from the offensive line?
“I have. Jordan Gray, Will Cavanaugh, and Zach Hester have stepped up and had a good fall. On the left side, Reed Darragh and Kyle McKinney are doing well too. I’m very pleased with their progress. I was pleased in the spring and I’m pleased now. Those guys are hungry and playing together. That’s the thing with the offensive line, if you have the right kind of attitude and mentality and you have five guys that play together, that’s a big part of it.”

Do you think the pace will help the o-line matchup vs bigger d-lines?
“I do think tempo is an equalizer.You’ve got to be careful because you have to be in great shape to do it. We’re going fast and it’s an adjustment, so it’s going to take some time. But there’s no other way to prepare for it except for to get out there and do it.”

It seems like WR substitutions have decreased. Will this continue?
“It won’t be as much as last year. How much we do depends week to week. When you substitute you slow the pace down and let them substitute. A little bit of it will be if we’re in a rhythm and what we’re trying to do that particular week. You will see some subs but not to the extent it was last year.”

TE Trevor Stevens is having a good fall. What you see with him?
“That’s an important position for us. We like to play with one and two tight ends sometimes. Trevor has done some good things, he’s really good in the run game. He’s developed and stuck with it and he’s gotten a lot better since he’s been here.”

What have you seen from Juco WR JaBryce Taylor?
“He’s very smooth, has good body control, and great hands. He’s a big physical receiver, he’s about 215-220lbs. He went to SMU and played for a year and got some experience. Physically, he’s exactly what we’re looking for. He’s got great ball skills and good body control. When the ball is in the air, he can adjust his body very good. We’ve been very pleased with him. I think it’s going to be a battle. There’s about three or four battles. There’s a lot of competition right now whether it be wide out, quarterback, running back, o-line, that’s what we’re seeing. If guys are not producing, they guy behind him might be.”

It seems like this is the most speed you’ve had on offense. Do you agree with that?
“I agree with that. It’s recruiting. We’ve said that all along. These younger guys we’ve been bring in are probably more suited to play in the conference and the schedule that we have. We love the guys who built this program and we’ll forever be in debted to them but some of the guys we have coming in, you see flashes out there in practice, it’s kind of like wow. “

What is your reaction to being picked last in the West Division of CUSA?
“It’s how it’s been every year except for one. When our backs are against the wall, when we’re out to prove people wrong, usually we play a little bit better. We don’t pay much attention to that. I think we were picked first or second last year. It just depends on how this team comes together. We use it as motivation. The non-conference schedule makes people roll their eyes and say no way, but you know what, we’re going to prepare to win all of them. We always have and these kids take that mentality too.”

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