Practice Report 8.21.15

UTSA closed up “Fall Camp” with a Friday evening scrimmage. Head Coach Larry Coker recaps the session.

UTSA Football Practice Report for 8.21.15

Head Coach Larry Coker on Friday’s scrimmage:
“It was good, we practiced good and I think we’ll learn a lot. We had a lot of guys make plays but they weren’t consistent. We gave up some big plays on defense and made some plays on offense but then we turned down on offense, there were a lot of dropped passes and those types of things. We didn’t play well enough to beat anybody but you can see we competed. It’s coming along but we just have to get there.”

When will you begin to prepare for Arizona?
“Starting tomorrow (Saturday) we’ll do some scout team and get into Arizona.”

What can you say about your offense after the scrimmage?
“I believe we’re going to be good on offense. I like our running backs, I like our quarterbacks, but we have to be consistent on offense, we can’t drop passes."

How has QB Blake Bogenschutz looked this week?
“Blake’s looked good, very good. I think he’s going to be an awfully good player for us. I don’t think he looked as good tonight as he has but overall he’s looked good. I think he’s setting himself up for a good year. I like some of the other guys too. I like Russell (Bellomy), he did a really nice job tonight and I think Dalton (Sturm) was special.”

What have you seen out of QB Russell Bellomy?
“He’s been very consistent. I think his maturity has shown and he can make plays. He doesn’t run as well as the other guys but he can make plays.”

When will you name a starter?
“If we played today, I know who the starter would be. I think we need to see how it goes this next week. I’m not in a real hurry to do that. When we get into next weekend, we’ll have somebody.”

Practice Notes:
- Robinson to switch positions? Following our interview, Coach Coker said that he would consider asking backup QB Austin Robinson to switch positions. Although he did not go into further detail, this is the first time anyone has publicly commented on a potential position change of any of the QBs. Coker did say that Robinson is a good athlete and that he felt like he could make plays for the team. The Houston-native is 6-3/220lbs and was a track star coming out of high school.
- Bogenschutz taking more first team reps: A week after splitting first team reps with backup Russell Bellomy, Blake Bogenschutz is said to be seeing much more of the first team reps. How much remains a mystery as all practices this week have been closed to the media.
- Production chart not depth chart: WRs Coach Tony Jeffery says the rotation of the wide outs this season will be dramatically shorter than in previous seasons. Jeffery says he constructs a production chart from practice film and that the players who produce the most in practice are the ones who will see the field on game day.
- Return to the Valley of the Sun: CBs Coach Jeff Popovich grew up and went to high school in Tucson. The former Arizona resident said he’s glad Arizona’s program is doing well, but hopes that they lose one game this season, the season opener vs UTSA.
- Coker Wrist Injury: Coach Coker had a pin inserted into his wrist earlier this week due to a fall he suffered at a practice last weekend. While Coker was back on the sidelines, he is wearing a splint and sling while he recovers.
- On to Arizona: Friday marked practice #21 for UTSA. On Saturday and Monday, the Roadrunners will begin to fully prepare for the season-opening game vs the Wildcats.
- New Depth Chart Forthcoming: A UTSA spokesman said that the team will likely release an updated depth chart headed into the Arizona game.

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