Bogenschutz Looking Forward to Arizona

Following Friday’s scrimmage, InsideRunnerSports reporter JJ Perez went one-on-one with QB Blake Bogenschutz.

Interview with UTSA QB Blake Bogenschutz:

How has fall practices been going?
“It’s been good. We’re wrapping up fall camp. As of tomorrow (Saturday) we’re going to start gearing this thing to Arizona. It’s been a good fall camp as far as I’m concerned. The whole team has gotten better and some of the young guys have stepped and that’s what we’ve needed, honestly.”

How was the scrimmage (on Friday)?
“It was good, we started a little slow. We just need to start coming out with the mentality of how we finished. We really did finish good. We had a few deep balls that we completed. We beat man-coverage, that’s the name of the game. If they’re going to blitz us and play man on third down, we’ve got to convert and that’s exactly what we did today. It was a good scrimmage and I think we’re ready.”

Are you excited to finally be able to prepare for Arizona?
“Yes I am. We’ve been doing this for about three weeks now. Gearing this thing toward Arizona is what we’ve been waiting for since the 4-8 season last year. We’ve been looking forward to this. We knew we were playing Arizona, we’ve been waiting for this for about 8 months so we’re ready to go.”

What do you think Arizona thinks about UTSA and what do you think about Arizona?
“I think they talk about us as a fast and physical football team. I think that’s what we want our mentality to be. We want to play fast, we want to be physical. That’s what we want to be known as. They’re a great football team, they have a great defense, and their offense plays fast. They’re a lot similar to us but they’re a PAC-12 team. We know they’re going to come with their best, we’re going to come with ours, and we’ll see what happens.”

How’s the implementation of new up-tempo offense coming along?
“It’s nice. We did it in the spring. A lot of this has been a refresher but we’ve put in a new wrinkle every week. We’re trying to get the tempo correct, I think that’s the main thing. The linemen are getting conditioned and we’re going to play fast.”

The o-line has been banged up, what have you seen out them this fall?
“We say when one guy goes down it’s just the next man up. Everybody came here to play and everybody has to be ready at any given time. I think the guys that have stepped in have done a great job.”

Do you think the o-line can improve from last season?
“No doubt. They’re new guys. The original guys that step up the program, they were a great offensive line. The injuries to quarterback that we had last season, I think that faltered our season so we really can’t blame the offensive line. They had a good season but we’re going to try to do more this season. The fast tempo is going to help a bunch, it’s going to make the defense play base and we’re going to see what we can do.”

Does the UTSA defense look faster to you?
“Coach Dudley did a great job this summer. We conditioned harder than we ever have. We did a whole bunch of agility stations as well as conditioning sprints. He did a great job with us to get us ready. I think our offense is pushing them to get faster. They’re going to have to play faster and they’re going to be ready for Arizona’s offense.”

Do you like that the WR rotation is going to be shorter this season?
“I like it, keeping the guys in. When they get into a groove, they need to stay there. A lot of it goes with the tempo. As long as we’re playing fast, we don’t want to be rotating people in and out because that just takes up time. Whenever we’re moving the ball, we want the same guys on the field.”

If you start at Arizona, it’ll be just your second-career start. Any nerves?
“They’ll always be nerves. You’ve got to be excited. We’ve been waiting on this for eight months. I’ve been waiting longer because I was out. This is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.”

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