UTSA Football Practice Report 8.24.15

UTSA began fully preparing for Arizona with a Monday morning practice. InsideRunnerSports provides a full practice report.

UTSA Football Practice Report for 8.24.15

Three QB’s to Travel: Head Coach Larry Coker said that he expects to take “at least three” QBs to Arizona next week when UTSA opens the 2015 season. Although Coker would not say specifically who would travel, the three QBs actively running through drills following practice were: Blake Bogenschutz, Russell Bellomy, and Dalton Sturm.

No QB Starter Named, Yet: In what is starting to sound like the worst-kept secret surrounding the team, Coach Coker says he has not named a starting QB, yet. He re-iterated that he was in no hurry to do so but said that his team likely knew who the starter would be. On Friday, Coker said that redshirt freshman Blake Bogenschutz was leading the campaign. When asked about the QB competition following practice, Senior LB Drew Douglas said “as far as Bogie, in my eyes he’s the man.”

Position Change for Robinson: Left out of the QB conversation today was Sophomore Austin Robinson. Although un-confirmed by UTSA, InsideRunnerSports has learned that Robinson, who is still listed on the depth chart as a backup QB, was working out with the Safety group on Monday. When asked for confirmation, a spokesman for UTSA said “the position change is not official.” A multi-sport athlete out of Bellaire Episcopal HS in Houston, Robinson has the most game-experience of any QB on the UTSA roster. However, following Friday’s scrimmage, Coach Coker hinted that the team would be asking Robinson to change positions. Robinson was not available for comment Monday.

Perez Likely Out: Starting Center Juan Perez-Isidoro will likely miss the season-opening game at Arizona, according to Offensive Line Coach Mike Markuson. Perez, who missed some time in the spring with a break in his snapping hand, has suffered this fall from a shoulder injury. Although it is not considered serious, Markuson said he hopes to have Perez available for the home-opener vs Kansas State on Sept 12.

Projected Starting O-Line: With Perez not likely to play vs Arizona, Coach Markuson said his starting offensive line would consist of the following: LT Reed Darragh, LG Kyle McKinney, C Will Cavanaugh, RG Austin Pratt, RT Jordan Gray. This combination has worked together for over a week. Markuson said he will likely use various combinations and that as many as 10 players would be in the mix for playing time.

King-Williams Back: Junior College Transfer Vontrell King-Williams a was back in pads on Monday after missing about two weeks of workouts with an unspecified injury. King-Williams began the fall as a first-team defensive tackle before being shuffled to a backup role. At 6’3” and 320lbs, the Chicago-native is one of the biggest-sized players on UTSA’s roster and is expected to contribute this season.

Bias Back But Not 100%: Senior WR Kenny Bias returned to workouts last week after missing over a week of practices with a hamstring injury. On Monday, Bias said he was not 100% but characterized the injury as minor in nature. One of UTSA’s deep threats, Bias knows his speed is an important component to his game saying he is taking his return slow because he does not want the injury to be nagging all season long.

Other Injuries: The following players did not practice on Monday: WR JaByrce Taylor, C Juan Perez-Isidoro, OT Zach Hester, LB La'kel Bass, WR Aaron Grubb, and CB Trevor Baker.

Youth Movement: At a handful freshman, and likely more, will be a part of the travel squad when UTSA heads to Arizona next week. Following practice Coach Coker said nothing was set about the travel squad but also said the staff had an idea of who would be going. The following players noted via social media they are likely to be a part of the travel squad: DE Josiah Tauaefa, RB Brett Winnegan, S Darryl Godfrey, S CJ Levine, WR Peyton Hall, C Clayton Woods, and TE Triston Crossland.

Special Team Backup: RB Jarveon Williams said he is seeing reps as a backup in the return game on special teams. The Junior, who saw action last season in kickoff returns, nearly broke free several times in 2014. Last week, Special Teams Coach Perry Eliano said he was not set on who exactly would contribute with returning kicks and punts.

Coker’s Toughness Not Lost on Team: It was another hot steamy morning at the campus practice fields Monday. Back pacing around the field was Coach Coker. The 67 year old coach had a procedure last Wednesday in which a pin was interested into his wrist. Since returning on Thursday, Coker hasn’t had any extra days off. When asked if there were any after-affects of the injury, he shrugged it off and said that it would have no affect on his ability to lead the team and that he would be on the sidelines next week in Arizona. Senior LB Drew Douglas says the team notices Cokers’ toughness saying: “It speaks volumes to us.”



Opening Statement
“We had the day off yesterday so we got back to practicing today. The guys had a good day today. We’ve got a lot of work to do but we don’t play today either.”

Do you have your travel team set? How many QBs will you travel?
“We have a lot of it set. We’ll take three quarterbacks, at least three. That’s pretty normal.”

Have you told the QBs who will be the starter?
“I haven’t told them that yet, I don’t need to. They can probably figure it out. It’s not etched in stone and I guarantee we’ll have some good competition between now and next week. They’ll know a lot more next week.”

What do you want to see from the QBs this week?
“I want to see leadership, I want to see toughness, I want to see guys who can make plays. That’s the big thing for a quarterback. It’s not so much velocity and if a guy can throw the ball, can he throw, can we catch it, that’s the big thing. Execution and how he can help us win football games.”


What was camp like for you?
“Camp went good, it’s a grind for everyone. I came out healthy and that’s all I could ask for. I got some good work in, got some good reps, I feel good.”

Arizona will be your first career start, what are you expecting?
“I look at it like any other game. We’ve got to prepare and work hard. Coach Brown has prepared us, I’m confident in the game plan. I’m just ready to put in some work.”


You’re starting to look at Arizona, what are practices like?
“It’s starting to amp up a little more each day. We’re still trying to focus on what we did in camp but each day we’re adding more and more. Like Coach keeps saying, it’s the 10-day forecast, you can see Arizona.”

What are you seeing with the UTSA QB competition?
“They’re all very good and very athletic. As far as Bogie, in my eyes he’s the man. That guy is about the smartest player I’ve ever played against. He’s very confident in what he does. He’s just very confident and smart. As far as Russell, he as a quick release and a good strong arm. I wouldn’t have any issue with him either. And Dalton (Sturm), what an athlete. It just goes on and on. This year is the best quarterback class we’ve ever had. Whichever one has earned it by the first game, I’m completely behind it because you know they would have earned it.”

What do you think of Arizona’s two offensive playmakers?
“Anu Solomon is just a great, great competitor. He was very smart with the offense, even as a freshman, so I can only imagine how good he is now. As far as Nick Wilson, he’s a good strong runner who is smart. Again, I can only imagine how good he is now. We’re excited about the challenge.”

What do you remembers about the 2014 game vs Arizona?
“It was very fast-paced. There was a lot of chaos. As a linebacker, especially after watching the film plenty of times, I do remember there were plenty of time we didn’t play that well. I take that as a personal challenge for me and my unit to play better than we did last year.”

What are you expecting from this season’s game?
“I can predict anything, we’re a completely different team, as are the. What I can promise you is that we’re going to play them hard. No matter who they are, who we are, it’s the first game of the season, adrenaline is going to be high. I just really expect a physical game.”

UTSA is a pretty big underdog vs Arizona, can the Roadrunners be competitive?
“We come to win. We don’t come to compete and see how things go. We wouldn’t be out here (practicing) at 2:30 in the afternoon in August if we didn’t think we could win. We’re always here to win. It doesn’t matter if it’s Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Arizona, Colorado State, it doesn’t matter, we’re here to win.”

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