UTSA Practice Report for 8.26.15

It’s a little over one week until UTSA opens the 2015 season. InsideRunnerSports brings you our practice report for Wednesday, August 26, 2015.

UTSA Football Practice Report:

QB Starter To Be Named Soon: Head Coach Larry Coker said that he anticipated naming a starting QB after this coming weekend. Like he’s done the last few practices, Coker also re-iterated that his team should know who the starter is based on who is taking the most about of snaps with the first team. Redshirt Freshman Blake Bogenschutz entered fall practices as the team’s first-string QB.

Robinson Position Change Official: Coach Coker officially announced that Sophomore QB Austin Robinson is changing positions. As we reported Monday, the Houston-native has made the switch to defense and will play Safety. Coker said he asked Robinson to switch positions and Robinson requested that he move to the defensive backfield. According to Coker, Robinson played some Safety in high school. UTSA’s official roster has been changed to reflect his new position.

Two-Way Unlikely for Robinson: Although he will participate in a weekly QB meeting and remain an emergency QB, Robinson is not expected to play both offense and defense, according Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown. In fact, Brown said that a potential move to an H-back position was discussed but, ultimately, the decision came down to a discussion between Robinson and Coach Coker.

Three QBs to Travel to Arizona: Offensive Coordinator and Quarterback’s Coach Kevin Brown announced that the following three QBs to Arizona: Blake Bogenschutz, Russell Bellomy, and Dalton Sturm. Coach Brown said “I feel real good about all three of them going into a ball game.”

High Expectations for Bogenschutz: Coach Brown said on Wednesday that he had high expectations for Redshrit Freshman QB Blake Bogenschutz. “There are a lot of athletes around him and a lot of weapons.” While Bogenschutz appears to be the leader of the QB competition, Coach Brown did state it was still “an ongoing competition.”

Sturm’s Athleticism Surprising: Over the last week, walk-on QB Dalton Sturm has drawn the praise of both his head coach and position coach. On Wednesday Coach Brown said: “He has continually improved. He has been a pleasant surprise.” Coach Brown also noted that Sturm may be the fastest QB on the roster saying: “I’d agree with that (that he’s the fastest QB). He’s a great athlete.”

Bellomy Steady: Dubbed as a very smart player, Coach Brown also praised the progress of Michigan Transfer QB Russell Bellomy. “He gotten reps, that’s what he needed. You can see him getting better everyday.”

Clay Earns Scholarship: Sophomore RB Tyrell Clay was awarded with a scholarship due to a strong performance in these fall practices. Coach Brown announced Wednesday that Clay, a native of Miller HS in Corpus Christi, was one of the top three RBs behind Jarevon Williams and Jalen Rhodes. Coach Brown on Clay: “He’s one of the more physical guys we’ve got.”

Other Injuries The following players did not practice: WR Greg Campbell, RB Jess Anders, WR Josh Stewart, OT Zach Hester, C Juan Perez, WR Kenny Bias, DB Isaiah Santos, and WR JaBryce Taylor.


Head Coach Larry Coker
Opening Statement
“We did go today, things went well. Guys are moving around pretty good. We did a lot of situational stuff today.”

What is Austin Robinson’s role on this football team?
“Austin, first of all, he’s a good athlete and a good person, and he’s very smart. I want him play because he can help our football team. But not at quarterback, not saying he couldn’t play quarterback, I’m saying this, he can help us on the field somewhere, special teams. He wanted to, he played Safety in high school, he wanted to play Safety. I’ve been very impressed with the last couple of days, I think he can help us there.”

What does it say about Robinson willing to make the change?
“I just think he wants to play, that’s the main thing. We’ve got some good players at quarterback, more than one. It could be a situation where he has to come back at quarterback. If he does, he does. But he’ll do what we need him to do to get on the field and help us win.”

Why not move Robinson to an H-Back position?
“We asked him where he wanted to play, where he could help our football team, and he felt like he could help us at Safety. He played Safety in high school. He could help us at H-Back, I believe he could. But they want to give him a shot at that. (Safeties) Coach (Perry) Eliano wanted him, he feels like he can help us so that’s a good situation for us and for him.”

How have your punter and kicker looked?
“They’ve done extremely well. I really like those guys. Yanni (Roustas) is going to be an outstanding punter. I think our kickers are going to be really good. We’ve really taken a step up in our kicking game. We worked a lot today on our rugby stuff. I think Daniel (Portillo) is going to be an outstanding kicker. He’s really well in the offseason so I’m excited about him. So I think we’re really going to do well there. And we have to. For us to win, we have to be good in offense, defense, and special teams.”

Who’s your starting QB?
“I’m not going to name a starter yet but you have a pretty good idea if you’re out here. We’re going to see how things go through the weekend and the first of next week for sure have a starter.”

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