UTSA Football Practice Report 8.28.15

UTSA opens the 2015 season in less than one week. InsideRunnerSports provides you a practice report for Friday, August 28, 2105.

UTSA Football Practice Report for 8.28.15

Mock Game: UTSA held a mock game on Thursday at the Alamodome. Head Coach Larry Coker and Defensive Coordinator Larry Coker both said it was the best, most organized mock-game they’ve had at their tenure at UTSA.

Practice in Shells: Like they have all this week, UTSA practiced on Friday in shells. Many players characterized this week’s practices as less physical and more mental as the team prepares for Arizona.

Accelerated Game Week: With UTSA playing Thursday on the road, Friday was almost like a regular Monday on a regular game week. Although there is an extra day because of the weekend, the 'Runners are fully prepping for Arizona.

Bogenschutz Gets Love From Coker: Coach Coker continued his high praised of redshirt QB Blake Bogenschutz on Friday saying: “"He has looked awfully good and played awfully well. Our backups have done a nice job but Bogie has stepped up.” Coker said earlier in the week he would announce a starter after this weekend.

Neathery Likes Robinson on Defense: Defensive Coordinator Neal Neathery said when he heard about former QB Austin Robinson wanting to move to defense: “That made my day. We were excited. If you look at him, he's as good of looking athlete as we got.” Neathery says that the long-term plan is get Robinson in the rotation at Rover Safety. In the short-term, look for Robinson to see the field on special teams.

Scouting Arizona: With a slew of talent on the offensive side of the ball, Coach Neathery had high praises for Arizona saying: “They'll be the best skill group that will have ever seen, and we've seen some real good ones. Their receiving corps is outstanding. The quarterback is a great operator and, of course, the tailback is fantastic.”

Injuries: WR Greg Campbell returned to practice on Wednesday. But Chase Dahlquist, Kenny Bias, and JaBryce Taylor were all out. Other players not practicing: RB Jess Anders, WR Josh Stewart, OT Zach Hester, C Juan Perez, and DB Isaiah Santos.

Chavez Pushing Gaines: One player quietly having a very good spring is Sophomore Safety Justin Chavez. The DFW-area native has taken a leadership role in the secondary and is making a push for the starting role: “I tell Nate Gaines “I feed off of you, I want you to feed off of me.” We push each other. We compete, but we’re brothers.”

Williams Impressed with Clay: RB Jarveon Williams said Friday he was impressed with Tyrell Clay jumping into the top three running backs saying: “He’s been here since day one working hard. Every day he comes, doesn’t complain, and just makes plays. He understands the game of football.”

Neill Ready for Arizona: DE Jason Neill said he was ready to take on Arizona. “We’ve seen plenty of articles from Arizona saying this was going to be a cakewalk for them. They thought that last year too. If they come into this game with the same attitude, they’re going to be shocked.”

Freshman To See Action: Coach Neathery said two or three true freshmen could see action vs Arizona on the defensive side of the ball. We know a handful of true freshmen are expected to travel. We know the following are travelling: DE Josiah Tauaefa, S Darryl Godfrey, and S CJ Levine.

New Depth Chart Coming: UTSA is expected to release an updated depth chart sometime this weekend.


Head Coach Larry Coker

Opening Statement
“We had a good day today, guys moved around well. We’re excited. I don’t think we’re ready to play yet, but we will be ready. It’s an exciting.”

Where is team right now compared to previous teams?
“We’re bigger, we’re stronger, we’re faster. We don’t have the experience. Talent-wise, we’re a more talented team. I like our staff a lot. I think we have a really good upside.”

Are you working on game week things already?
“We really are. We’ve got scouts. We’re going through some Arizona stuff. Next week is going to be a short week. It seems like a long time until game time but it’s a Thursday game, it’s going to be here very quickly.”

Who are some standouts?
“I like all of our groups, honestly. I think our wide outs have stepped up pretty good. We’ve got some guys that are not full strength but others have stepped up. I’ve seen a lot of improvement in our offensive line. We need that. And I like our defensive team, I think they’ve done a good job. I don’t know that we don’t have a weak group in the whole mix.”

How’s QB Blake Bogenschutz looking?
“For any team to win, the quarterback has to play well. He’s looked awfully good and has played awfully well. Our backups have done a nice job too. But, for sure, Bogie has really stepped up.”

Is Bogenschutz very confident?
“He’s from East Texas. Everybody from East Texas has swagger.”

How did your mock game at the Alamodome go?”
“It went great. We won. We were unstoppable. The weather was great. No, but it was really good. We go through a lot of situations. We did some two point coversions and some third down things and some things in special teams. It’s probably the best I’ve ever had. The guys were into it, we got a lot done, we went through a script. It was really, really, good, the best since I’ve been around.”

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