Keys to Victory vs Arizona

UTSA is a huge underdog vs Arizona in the season-opener on Thursday. InsideRunnerSports lists our keys to Victory

UTSA Keys To Victory

Limit Redzone Opportunities

In 2014, UTSA’s Hard Hat Defense played very good vs a similar Arizona offense. A large part of that success was UTSA preventing the Wildcats from scoring touchdowns once they entered the redzone. UTSA held Arizona to four field goals in five trips to the redzone last season. The UTSA defense will need to be able to answer that call again when the Arizona offense approaches the endzone.

Avoid Three and Outs

UTSA fully unveils their new up-tempo offense on Thursday. While the quick pace could become an equalizer of sorts, it also means UTSA will likely give up the battle for time of possession. While the ‘Runners are hoping offset this with a more efficient offense, it will be encumbent of the offense to not have short/quick drives. Three and out possessions could wear on the defense and cause issues for UTSA as the game goes on.

Create Turnovers

Being a double-digit underdog on the road, not only will UTSA need some breaks to go their way, they will also need to create some opportunities. With a perfect 4-0 season-opener record on the line, it will be important for the defense to create turnovers. A fumble or interception could easily change face and flow of this game.

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