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Bill Snyder brings his Kansas State Wildcats to San Antonio this weekend for a non-conference matchup. The long-time coach, his new starting QB, and center talk about the upcoming UTSA game.


What’s it like going back to San Antonio after the Alamo Bowl loss last season?
“I do not really think about it that way. Maybe there is a motivational factor there. That is a possibility for our players. That is the benefit. But for me, and I hope for our players, it is another preparation. We are not going to fret about it. We are going to try and get better today and plan for today. That day eventually will get here, so we have to take it one day at a time.”

Joe Hubener is getting his first-career start, how important is this week for him?
“It is just like it is for everyone. It is important for him to improve his game. It is important for Cody Whitehair to improve his game, and it is important for anybody else in our program. You play that position and a lot of people view that position as somewhat unique. I do not disagree with that perception, but that is not our approach. Our approach is he is one out of 11 out there. His chores are a little more complex and difficult than someone else, but by the same token, everybody has plenty on their plate out there. He is one of them.”

Did having a tight quarterback battle in camp help now?
“I would think so. I would hate for it to have been any different. There is a lot of things that enter into the whole picture of our quarterback venue this season, some go back a year or two ago. I think, by in large, the fact that it was as competitive as it was, between each of the four, when you narrow it down, each of them really had the capabilities and opportunities to step up and play the position. That just tells you that we had decent depth, consequently that paid off.”

Will this UTSA game will affect recruiting?
“We have been there before. It is not like it is a foreign country. We have actively recruited the San Antonio area. It certainly does not hurt – that is for sure – but it is not a home game, so we cannot bring recruits to the function.”


Are you excited about your first-career start?
“It is an exciting opportunity. Having never started in high school, this is my first career start. I have something to prove, so hopefully we can go down there and get the win.”

What improvements need to be made?
“I need to work a lot on the connection with some of the receivers and just being on the same page. I think we did well last Saturday, but there is always something to work on. Especially with not having reps with them these past couple of weeks, it is important to get back into that groove and get on the same page.”

What was it like getting thrust into action?
“I was definitely nervous going in there for the third snap of the game. I was not expecting to go in that early, but once I gathered myself, I knew I had to perform. I was the next guy in line and I knew I had to step up.”


What’s chemistry like with QB Joe Hubener?
“Throughout camp I was getting reps with him, Jesse (Ertz) and Alex (Delton). Ever since I have shown up here, I have been great friends with Jesse, but I have been great friends with Joe as well. As soon as he came out onto the field, I looked him in the eye and told him, ‘Let’s go, let’s get ready to roll.’ We have both gotten snaps before, so we were not really nervous, and we just had good chemistry.”

What’s it like being a new starting center with a new starting quarterback?
“It is kind of hard at some points to hold back my emotions and hold back my nerves. I just have to settle down and look at how hard we have worked and how hard I have worked to get to the spot and the position that I am in. I just need to go out there and perform and do what the coaches have taught us every day. If I do that, then I know it will be a good game.”

What will it be like heading back to San Antonio?
“The mindset for all of us is that we are going back to the Alamodome where we played UCLA and we just need to go out there and get on them early. We need to do what we have been doing in practice, get on top of them and take everything wrong that we did in the South Dakota game and do it right this time. We are human, so we know we are going to make mistakes, but we just need to make the small mistakes.”

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