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UTSA players Blake Bogenschutz, Mauricio Sanchez, and David Morgan talk about UTSA’s 30-3 loss to Kansas State.

UTSA Players’ Post Game Interviews

Transcript (Courtesy UTSA)
Q. Blake, did you guys feel like you just couldn't find a good rhythm today offensively?
Blake Bogenschutz: Right. It's the lack of execution. There was execution here and there, but we weren't putting that all together to form one good drive. There was execution here a little bit, and then the very next play would be lack of execution, whether it be false start or holding. We can't get behind the chains. They had a really good package for third and long and it was hard to get in those situations. When we got behind the chains, we couldn't convert and lack of execution. It's got to be execution by all 11 every single time we go out there.

Q. Mauricio, I'll ask you the same question I asked Coker. As the only defender out there, was it tough game planning for Hubener being that it's his first start and not really know what he's going to bring to the table?
Mauricio Sanchez: It was. I thought we had a good idea of what he was going to do. We knew he was going to attack the middle of the field. We saw him run a couple times before, so we knew he was going to scramble. But lack of execution. You know, we missed some tackles. But he's a competitor, he's a tough guy to bring down. That was basically it.

Q. Blake, talking about the execution, the penalties. Y'all had a bunch of penalties. It wasn't a lot of yardage, it wasn't like it was 15-yarders, but the five-yarders really, really hurt you. For a home opener, did you feel that maybe you weren't as sharp mentally as maybe you could have been? Talk about the whole team, but especially offense.
BLAKE BOGENSCHUTZ: Right. The first few opening drives, we were going on a snap count from our voice and the Dome was really loud. We know that going in, and we knew it was going to be loud, but we didn't think that they were going cheering the whole time while we were on offense. We started going on a silent snap count and I think that kind of eliminate that kind of stuff, but that's what that was. The holding penalties, the chop blocks, that's got to be eliminated and that gets us behind the chains and we can't have that.

b>Q. Defensively, first half you guys did a pretty good job of bending and not breaking on them, and second half they started getting more into the end zone. Is that about conditioning or did they kind of change up the scheme to do that?
MAURICIO SANCHEZ: No, I think they were doing a good job just running the ball and they couldn't really get third-down conversions. Second half they just went big-ball on us and we gave up a couple penalties, pass interference, and then a couple big-time catches and they got in the red zone and that's where they scored most of their points, whether it was a field goal or walking into a touchdown.

Q. Blake, can you run through that play on fourth and goal a little bit before halftime where you had Triston across the middle?
BLAKE BOGENSCHUTZ: We knew they were going to be flatfooting it, expecting us to run. I think we were on the 2- or 3-yard line, so we did a little -- we've been running a stretch play and Triston had been going in and getting the inside backer. We were trying to get that same look, and Triston slipped into the back of the end zone. But like I say lack of execution. Fourth and goal, we've got to execute in that situation. If we do, it's a new ballgame, it really is. It's a completely different ballgame.

Q. David, on a positive note, can you take us through that play where you carried about two guys on your back to get that first down?
David Morgan: Yeah. Just backer left, I kind of felt the jab (inaudible) flash eyes on me ready for a ball, and especially being a big target over the middle, I felt it was kind of (inaudible.) Guy just jumped on my back, and I honestly didn't know he was on my back until they played the replay. I really didn't. I thought he was just holding onto me. Yeah, and just yeah, made a play. Bogey threw a great ball.
MAURICIO SANCHEZ: We practice that all the time.

Q. I want to ask you a question as a USTA student. I know there was a lot of buzz on campus about us maybe tipping the 40,000 viewer mark. What do you think that we need to do to get more people out here to watch you guys play?
DAVID MORGAN: I mean, winning is definitely going to help. Obviously people want to see us win and I feel like us getting involved more on campus, I feel maybe if we go out and do a little something ourselves or get involved with Roadrunner Production. People like to see that from the students, so maybe we can get involved more.

Q. Blake, what do you think should be a first priority for y'all at practice tomorrow?
BLAKE BOGENSCHUTZ: Win. We need to win. We have to win every practice, we have to win every period of practice, you've got to win every moment. When you talk about execution, there was a lot of lack of execution. I think if we execute every single time, if we win each individual moment, we really come up with that ballgame. We're not taking any moral victories from this game. That's a team that we can beat and we know that.

Q. Is that where that mental toughness comes in? You're 0-2, Oklahoma State's coming up, nobody's going to give you much of a chance.
MAURICIO SANCHEZ: Of course. I think we've got the right group of guys leading the way, and like Bogey said, we knew we could beat that team, it was just lack of execution like it was last week. Like I told the guys, just come ready to work tomorrow. We've got to have a winning mentality and we want to win these next two games.

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