9.15.15 Practice

UTSA got back to practice on Tuesday with a morning workout. Looking to put the K-State loss behind them, the 'Runners began to look forward to Oklahoma State. InsideRunnerSports provides you practice notes.

9.15.15 UTSA Football Practice Notes


-          UTSA practiced for the first time on Sunday following the K-State loss.

-          Head Coach Larry Coker was not available to media today as he had a meeting he had to rush off to right after practice.

-          Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown was made available to media Tuesday.

-          Coach Brown characterized Tuesday’s practice as one to get back to work. He said there were no lingering affects from the K-State game saying they practiced n Sunday and flushed everything out.

-          Brown characterized the K-State loss as the team not playing their best: “Sometimes you’re not going to play your best. You need to to beat teams like that. We knew we didn’t play our best.”

-          UTSA was penalized a dozen times Saturday. That was too many for Brown: “We can’t have penalties, you can’t go backwards against a team like that.”

-          UTSA struggled in the rushing game vs K-State. Coach Brown credited the Wildcat defense: “We had a little trouble moving them, give those guys credit. But we still have to run the ball.”

-          Much has been made of the crowd noise in the Alamodome on Saturday, Coach Brown said that three of the procedure penalties on the opening drive were because they couldn’t hear: “We don’t expect to go silent count at home. It was too loud. I like that the fans are there. They’re rowdy and execited. We want them there. But where we’re on offense, we’d like them to quiet down a little bit.” Brown added that UTSA went to a silent count on offense and that it was the first time they’ve done that since the inaugural game in 2011.

-          Coach Brown compared Oklahoma State to Kansas State saying: “Physically, they’re very similar. I think their whole d-line is good.”

-          WR Kerry Thomas talked after practice. He says he can see the team putting forth the effort: “It’s not an effort thing. A couple plays here and there, the outcome would have been different. We’re moving on to the next game.”

-          With a lot of young players, many have talked about inexperience being a factor. Thomas says he does not an issue: “I don’t think the young-thing is a factor for us. We have a lot of guys on the team who are ready to play. We have to focus more, that’s the whole thing.”

-          Thomas believes that UTSA can bounce back to have a good season: “The whole team knows those are two game we should have won. It hurts but you learn and move on to the next game.”

-          As a true freshman, Thomas played last season at Oklahoma State. He remembers the challenge: “They’re going to line up in your face and they’re going to make you beat them man to man.

-          Starting FB Halen Stewart was not in pads practicing on Tuesday. He did appear to be working out individually.

-          Last week and LG Kyle McKinney was practicing and played with his hand heavily wrapped, today it was not wrapped.

-          Last week, Dawg Safety Michael Egwuagu suffered a hand/wrist injury. Although it is a minor injury, Egwuagu still has his right hand/wrist heavily wrapped.

-          UTSA confirmed to me that Dawg Safety Chase Dahlquist is out indefinitely. Dahlquist has battled post-concussion migraines. There is no time table for his return.

-          Center Juan Perez-Isidoro is still not practicing. He is not expected to travel to Stillwater for the Oklahoma State game but could return as early for the Colorado State game.

-          In preparation for the crowd on Saturday at Oklahoma State, UTSA piped in loud music during practice. Oklahoma State has some of the closest sidelines in the country. And Cowboys fans are equipped with wooden paddles to further enhance the noise. It will be very difficult to hear anything on the field Saturday afternoon.

-          UTSA will leave for Stillwater on Friday afternoon. Like last year, the team will stay in Oklahoma City. On Saturday morning, the team will take a one-hour bus ride to Stillwater for the game.


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