Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown

After struggling vs Kansas State, the UTSA offense looks to bounce back this week vs Oklahoma State. We talk with Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown about his offense.

 Interview with UTSA Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown

What’s the mood coming off the K-State loss, any lingering affects?
No, Sunday we got them all out. We’ve always been good about that here. Whatever happens the night before, we put it rest, watch film and get better. That’s why we practice on Sunday so we can get moving around so they can forget about it win or lose. I don’t think it’s going to linger.

That mentality seems to come from Coach Coker, doesn’t it?
I agree with that. It stays very positive. That’s attributed to our Head Coach. The highs aren’t too high and the lows aren’t too low. You’ve got to realize that sometimes you’re not going to play your best and you need to to beat teams like that. We know we didn’t play our best, the kids know that. I think it starts with the Head Coach. 

What did you learn about your offense vs K-State?
Nothing is going to be given to us. You’ve got to keep punching. I think if we punch that one in before the half, it’s a whole different ball game. That was a big momentum-swinger but we’ve got to keep punching him. It was a 10-3 ballgame when we got the ball back in the second half. The other thing is that we can’t have penalties. You can’t go backwards against a team like that. I think we did a lot better job protecting the ball the week before and that gave us a chance. It got away from us late but that was a ballgame for three quarters. We’re close, we just have to find away to get over the hump. 

What was going on with the penalties?
The holding calls, you’re going to have some of those if you’re getting after it in the run game. Those we can deal with. It’s the procedures that were disappointing. We don’t expect to go silent count at home. It was too loud. We were going on cadence and the center couldn’t hear. It was something we didn’t anticipate happening. I think three of those procedures on that first drive were because we couldn’t hear. So we switched to silent count and it helped. We just had to adjust. The last time we ran into that was game one. It’s one of those things you don’t expect. 

Do you think it’s the tempo? Do fans not know they don’t have a lot of time to cheer between plays?
I don’t know. I hope they read your article. The good thing is that they’re there, they’re rowdy, and they’re excited. We want them there every game. But when we’re on offense, we’d like them to quiet down a little bit. It may be the tempo but who knows. 

What’s QB Blake Bogenschutz’ demeanor like these two games?
He’s harder on himself than anyone else is going to be. He got back to work on Sunday. He realized he could play a little bit better. He’s always had a good attitude. He’s even-keeled and poised.

Do you like how Bogenschutz has managed the offense?
He’s an operator. We talked about it after the first game. He had one interception but he threw it into traffic a couple of times. I thought he did a lot better job against Kansas State making better decisions. He’s an operator. If you’re going to play quarterback, you’ve got to be able to take care of the football. It’s going to give us a chance to win and it kept us in the football game on Saturday.

How far has Bogenschutz progressed since you put him in the second half vs OSU last season?
It’s not even close. He had poise last year as a freshman in Stillwater, believe it or not. He’s just grown. He’s more comfortable with the offense. The environments he’s been in; Arizona, Oklahoma State, you’re not going to get much tougher than that. He’s poised. It’s a little bit like Eric (Soza). Eric started has a redshirt sophomore and it took him year after year to get better and better. I see that same progress with Blake.

Why did you pass more than you rushed vs K-State?
We had a little bit of trouble moving them. Give those guys credit, they’re big and physical. But we’ve still got to be able to run the ball regardless of who we play. A little bit of that is taking what they give us too. When it got a 2-3 possession game late, we passed it about 10 to running it. We want to be balanced but the score had a little bit to do with it too.

Is Oklahoma State as physical as Kansas State?
Oh yeah. They’re very, very similar. They’re fundamentally sound. They’re going to be all over the place, especially in third downs. Physically, I think they are a lot of similarities. They’re really good, I think that whole d-line is good.

What do you remember about the atmosphere in Stillwater?
It’s great. It’s awesome. I’m up in the box but as far as pregame goes, it’s big-time college football.  Kids come here to UTSA, their first three or four ballgames they’re going to be in that atmosphere. That’s awesome. They love it. And you know what, they’re accepting the challenge. We expect to go in and beat them, that’s our mentality. 

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