QB Blake Bogenschutz

QB Blake Bogenschutz returns to the place where he made his Roadrunner debut. The redshirt freshman talks about the upcoming game vs Oklahoma State and the two losses to start the season.

Interview with UTSA QB Blake Bogenschutz:

Is everything that went wrong vs K-State fixable?
It really is. We’ve watched film. There were several shots down the field that we really could have hit, if we get those shots then it’s a different game.

What have the first two games of the season been like?
We’re not discouraged, we realize that we played two really good teams, a PAC 12 team and a Big 12 team. We’re not taking any moral victories from this. We’re coming out of this saying we can win these ball games.

Did you feel like you weren’t as sharp vs K-State as you were vs Arizona?
You got to give credit where it’s due. They have a good defense. They really play sound. They don’t do a whole bunch upfront and a lot schematically but what they do, they execute well.

How tough were these first two games?
We realize that we have to execute 100% of our plays to beat those kinds of teams. I think we have the players and talent to do that.

Your mobility is an asset for you. Is that something we can expect to see more of?
You really can. Coach Brown always says if you don’t see anything, duck and run. It’s opened up for me a few times and I’ve taken what they’ve given me. There are a few quarterback power runs. There’s always going to be a few things where we can out-number them in the box. There will always be those opportunities.

What have you seen out of your offensive line?
They’re really good. I think they’ve played well the first few weeks and are just going to continue to get better. That’s the most encouraging thing. We’re watching things on film. This is all a learning experience, I think we’re getting better from it.

How would you describe TE David Morgan?
He’s a guy who is going to show up every week and just play. He’s a constant. Whatever it takes, he’s going to do it to help the team. You saw him carry that guy on third down. He wants to win the ballgame. He’s a competitor.

What was it like last year at Oklahoma State being thrown into the fire?
It was really unexpected. But I also knew, going into that game, that I had to be ready just incase that did happen. Oklahoma State is a great place to play. It was a great place to make my debut. I thought I played well and I hope I play better this time.

What did it mean for you to be able to score a touchdown in that game?
It really did mean a lot. It gave me a lot of confidence. When you start your career like that it should shoot you up and give you confidence.

How much have you grown since then?
I think I’m a lot better as far as the mental aspect of the game. I’m seeing my progressions better, I’m reading the defenses better. I think that part of the game is tons better. I’ve gained about 10-15lbs, so I’m a little bit bigger. I feel like I’ve improved in just about every way since last year.

What positives do you take out of the first two games?
The fact that we hung with those teams and really had opportunities to win. It’s encouraging but also there are a lot of mistakes we realize we made. If we cut those mistakes out, we can beat teams like that.

Why haven’t we seen a lot of long passes from you?
Sometimes you just take what the defense gives you. If they’re going to play conservative, we’re going to throw the ball underneath see if we can break a tackle and score that way.

What’s the mentality of the team?
I think everybody is staying positive. We realize we’re 0-2. We realize we could have won both of those games. These are really good teams. You have to give credit where credit is due. Arizona and Kansas State are very good teams. We feel like we’ve competed well with them.

What’s the environment like at Oklahoma State?
It’s going to take a lot of poise. There are a lot of people really close to the field. They’re yelling and beating on the wall. We’ve just got to stay focused and have poise.

Was the noise in the Alamodome from UTSA fans or K-State fans?
They’re a Big 12 team and they’re going to travel well. They brought a bunch of fans down to the ‘Dome. We’re going to make it an emphasis that we’re going to try to get them quiet when we’re on offense. There was a lot of people there so it’s going to be loud. I think that did kind of mess up with snap count. We started going with a silent snap count. But we can’t talk enough about the support we get from them. We really appreciate that.

What’s the difference?
The silent count is more of a gesture, hand or leg. There are different ways. As far as the hard-count, that me demanding the ball when I need it. If he (the center) can’t hear the hard-count and some of the other guys do and move, then that’s where those false starts come from. Us getting behind the chains kind of stopped our drive.

What do you know about Oklahoma State’s defense?
Their linemen are really big. They’re kind of similar to Arizona. The linebackers play well. The secondary is very fast and very quick.

What did you see from Aaron Grubb that made you target him so much?
A lot of people put emphasis that we’re going to one guy one week, it’s really what the defense gives you. There’s really a lot of stuff underneath that the slot receivers work in. There’s a lot of voids we want to attack. He’s really quick and can get into those voids. He ran is routes well, caught the ball well, and just played really good for us. 

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