UTSA Football Practice

UTSA hit the practice field on Tuesday to prepare for their last non-conference game vs Colorado State this Saturday. InsideRunnerSports provides you a practice report.

UTSA Football Report for 9.22.15

Best practice of the year: Head Coach Larry Coker and Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown both said that Tuesday’s practice was one of the best workouts they’ve seen out of the team so far this season. Neither got into specifics but both said there was a certain amount of focus they hadn’t seen yet this season.

Bogenschutz looking to bounce back: Starting QB Blake Bogenschutz talked with media for the first time since his bad game vs Oklahoma State. Bogenschutz, who was responsible for four turnovers (2 interceptions and 2 fumbles) was very matter of fact about his performance saying: “I didn’t repair to have a game like that, it’s going to happen sometimes. I don’t plan on it happening again like that. The day of the game and the day after, those are the times you need to look at the film and get it corrected. Whenever we step out on the practice field on Sunday and get back out here on Tuesday, it’s in the past, it’s gone. It’s not even in my system anymore, it’s time to move on. Colorado State is a good team we’re excited for.”

Sturm with a strong performance: Walk-on QB Dalton Strum had a good game Saturday when he came in to relieve Bogenschutz in the second quarter. The Goliad-native completed 7 of 13 passes for 109 yards and rushed 10 times for 47 yards. “It was a great experience,” said Sturm. “Whenever you go in there, you’ve got to make the best of your opportunity.”

Sturm’s speed an asset: Sturm showed off some moves to escape the pass-rush on Saturday in Stillwater. Dubbed by Coach Brown as the fastest QB on the roster, Sturm’s 47 yards rushing was second only behind RB Jarveon Williams. Sturm on his speed: "I've never raced anybody. I'm not track fast, I feel like I have good football speed."

No QB rivalry: Both Sturm and Bogenschutz had praise for one another Tuesday. Sturm said: “Me and Blake are really good friends, we’re really tight, we have been since we got here. We, as a quarterback unit, whoever is in there, we’re going to encourage them.” Bogenschutz had similar praise of Sturm: “Coach Brown is going to play whoever gives the team the best chance to win. There’s no animosity. Dalton played a great game. If he gives us the best chance to win then that’s who he’s going to put in. All respect to him.”

No new starting QB: Coach Coker reiterated that Bogenschutz was the team’s starting QB. When asked if Sturm was challenging Bogenschutz for the starting role, Coker said: “Not really. But I'd like to see him play some.” Sturm has drawn the praise of Coach Coker and Brown since the spring.

Backup QB: Sturm seeing action Saturday ahead of Michigan Transfer Russell Bellomy does not necessarily he the team’s #2 QB. In a depth chart update released Monday, Sturm is listed as QB2 along side Bellomy. Coach Brown explained that their plan all along was to play the three QBs in the first three games of the season for evaluation purposes. And Saturday was Sturm’s turn: “We hadn't seen Dalton yet. That doesn't necessarily mean it's 1, 2, and 3. When it came up, we wanted to see what he (Sturm) could do." Sturm added that he and Bellomy have been splitting reps with the second team in recent practices.

Jarveon praised for tough performance: Lost in all of the turnovers and mistakes vs Oklahoma State was that RB Jarveon Williams had a nice game. The San Antonio-native rushed for 90 yards and a touchdown. Coach Brown said that Williams was finishing off his runs similar to way former RB David Glasco did. Brown said it was as hard has he’s ever seen Williams run.

Players only meeting: Led by Senior Safety Mauricio Sanchez, several dozen UTSA players met at midfield following Sunday’s practice to clear the air. Bogenschutz said it was an important moment for the team: “We’re 0-3, that’s not how we expected to start. We’ve played three really good teams but we feel like we’re a really good team. If we’re not going to beat those teams then something has got to change. We talked about it and there are some things that are going to be changed. We’re going to go from here and we’re excited about it.”

Down but not out: Even though UTSA has an 0-3 record, Coach Coker says he has confident in team saying: “We can win some of these games but we have to do our part and not give games away." Bogenschutz and Coach Brown both hinted that both of the interceptions in the

Dangerous WR corps: Coach Brown said on Tuesday that this group of wide receivers is the best he’s had at that position in his tenure at UTSA and that he needs get them the ball more: “We have got to find a way to get those guys the ball in space. That's my job and I've got to do a better job of that."

Godfrey cracks two-deep: In an update on Monday, true freshman Safety Darryl Godfrey cracked the two deep at Rover Safety behind Mauricio Sanchez. Godfrey takes the place of Duke Wheeler, who has played well for UTSA in the first two games of the season.

Walking wounded: Several key players did not practice on Tuesday: S Austin Jupe, LB Drew Douglas, C Juan Perez-Isidoro, S Chase Dahlquist, S Duke Wheeler, FB Halen Steward, and LB Lakel Bass. Coach Coker did say: “"We're going to be pretty healthy, I think, as the week progresses." So we’ll see if any of these players are available as the week goes on.

Back from injury: WRs Aron Taylor and Kenny Bias were back working out on Tuesday. Taylor did not travel for Oklahoma State game due to an unspecified injury. Bias got knicked up in the OSU game and did not participate in Sunday’s practice. 

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