QB Dalton Sturm

After a nice performance in relief duty on Saturday vs Oklahoma State, walk-on Dalton Sturm is now as listed as backup QB along side Russell Bellomy. Sturm talked with media Tuesday about his performance.

Interview with UTSA Backup QB Dalton Sturm:

What was it like playing vs Oklahoma State?
It was a great experience. I haven’t been out there since last year versus Western Kentucky. I’ve practiced all year. I just pretty much do what I can and wait for my number to be called and just go out there and do whatever I can for my team."

How did it feel?
"It was not the game we wanted. It didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to, obviously, but I think we’ve got a lot of good things. We got some experience and we’re just getting ready."

Did you feel better as the game went along?
"Yes sir. Whenever you get thrown in there and not knowing if you’re going to play or not, so whenever you are in there you’ve just got to make the best of your opportunity and do everything that you’re taught to do, to make plays as an athlete." 

Blake Bogenschutz was one of the first who congratulated you on your touchdown drive, what does that say about him?
"Me and Blake are really good friends, we’re really tight, we have been since we got here. We, as a quarterback unit, whoever is in there, we’re going to encourage them and just let them know we’re backing them 100%."

What other opportunities did you have to play out of high school?
"Goliad is a little school, we aren’t really known for our athletics. It was a really small school. It was a good academic school. I really didn’t have many offers. I was a late bloomer. My junior year in high school, I probably weight 160lbs. I didn’t do anything special. I had a few D2 offers but my dream was to play division one football. When UTSA gave me a preferred walk-on, I took advantage of it."

Are you the fastest QB on the roster?
"I’ve never raced anybody. I’m not track-fast but I feel like I have good football speed. I just get out there and do what I can as an athlete."

Is your speed an asset?
"Yes, I feel like that helps me out a lot. Being able to see the blitz coming and being able to maneuver out of the way helps give me more time."

Were you surprised they put you in ahead of Russell Bellomy?
"Me and Russell have been splitting the reps. Coach tells both of us every game to just be ready. I guess they just made a decision."

So you always have to stay ready?
"Yes, you just have to have the mindset. Friday night when you’re at the hotel you just have to go in with the same mindset as the starter. You just got to know that you’re one play away from being a starter. Anything can happen, you’ve just got to be ready."

What do you think about the player’s only meeting the team had Sunday?
"We’ve got to have that. Leaders have to lead. Its sounds cliché but is has to be like that."

What’s the mindset of this team with Conference play around the corner?
"We’re 0-3 but that doesn’t matter, we’re worrying about us. We’ve played three top 25 teams and we’ve played them, for the most part except for the last game, we’ve played them tough. The first two games we played them tough. Coming into this week, we’ve got to get something rolling before we get into conference. After that I think we go to UTEP. So we’ve got to get something rolling this week and then go into conference."

Do you expect to have some more opportunities to play?
"I really haven’t been told anything. I’m just going to do my thing in practice, work as hard as I can, and just take advantage of whatever opportunities I do get."

What other sports did you play at Goliad?
"I think the only one I didn’t play was tennis. I played golf, track, basketball, baseball until my junior year, football, I pretty much did it all at a small school. There were a lot of opportunities."

Being from a small high school, what was it like playing in Stillwater?
"I think I graduated with a class of 92. There were more people on their football team (Oklahoma State) than were in my high school graduating class. It was a great opportunity and great atmosphere."

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