Interview with Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown brought to you by Pat Clynes / Fritz Kennel

It wasn’t that long ago that the UTSA offense was setting records. With three really tough games behind him, Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown talks X’s and O’s in this week’s Coach’s Corner brought to you by Pat Clynes and The Fritz Kennel.



Interview with UTSA Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown presented by Pat Clynes and The Fritz Kennel in Houston, Texas:

What’s your take away of the offense in these first three games?
“It’s sporadic. You come out and do what we did in the first ballgame, it does give you confidence. But you’ve got to take care of the football, that’s the biggest thing. You can go up and down the field but if you don’t take care of the ball, you’re not going to beat people. We told them, in all three games there are some really good things you can pick out. If we can do this consistently, we’re going to be a good football team. But if it’s sporadic, if it’s here and there, if there are ball-security issues, then it’s inconsistent. In all three ballgames, there have been some really good things. We rushed or 100-plus on Oklahoma State, they have a good defensive line. D-line-wise, that’s about as good as we’ve faced. But you can’t overlook the seven turnovers, you’re not going to beat anybody.” 

What about the penalties?
“It goes back to execution, all 11 doing the right thing every play.” 

Was the blitz on the first fumble vs OSU a factor in that turnover?
“We were in the right protection, we actually kicked out to it. He came free. It’s execution. Yes you tip your hat to them, they did a lot of good things. But we should be able to pick that up. If we do turn one loose, we’ve got to do a better job of taking care of the ball. When it’s not there or something goes bad, we can’t force things to happen. When that happens you turn the ball over and you see the result. We just have to correct those mistakes and they know that.”

How did you think RB Jarveon Williams played vs OSU?
“I thought he ran harder Saturday than he ever has. I think that (OSU) defensive line is really good. But you see him moving his feet on contact and hitting the whole. The thing David Glasco use to do was get behind his pads and he’d go get those 2, 3, 4 extra yards at the end. You saw Jarveon doing a little bit of that. He’s got the shakes, he’s got the athletic ability, once starts doing that I think he becomes a totally different back and I think we saw that on Saturday.” 

Was there some miscommunication on the two interceptions?
“On the fist one, it wasn’t open. That’s as good as I can say it. You get in the redzone and guys are flat-footed and the space is different down there. He (Bogenschutz) forced the ball when he shouldn’t have. One of the best things about Blake is that he anticipates and makes quick decisions. But that also hurts him sometimes. He saw a window, it was a little tight, and he probably should have went to the next read in his progression. It was covered. The next one, we weren’t on the same page. It’s third and extra long, they’re doing a lot of different things, bullets are flying, they’re bringing pressure, he probably threw that one when he shouldn’t have. He knows that. Nobody is harder on Blake than Blake.”

How would you compare this group of receivers to others you’ve had?
“I think this is one of the best groups we’ve had. The first thing I do when I get on the bus after the game is look at how many balls did so and so catch. You’ve got to get the play makers the ball. That’s the first thing I look at when I get on the bus before we get home. Kenny Bias, JaBryce Taylor, David Morgan, Kerry Thomas, Aaron Grubb all of them are play makers. We have got to find away to get those guys the ball in space. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, but that’s my job and I’ve got to do a better job at that.”

Is David Morgan one of the better tight end’s you’ve seen?
‘I don’t think there’s any doubt. You throw it around him, he’s going to catch it. I tell you the thing he’s doing is that after he’s catching the ball, he’s a physical prescence, he’s lowering the boom. He’s a different guy. He’s worked himself into a good blocker too. So I think he’s the complete package.”

What’s allowed true freshman WR Peyton Hall to rise through the ranks and get some playing time?
“His athletic ability. He’s fast and very fluid. When we play teams that are going to play man-coverage on third down, you need your man-beaters in there. He’s one of them. We have several of them. But it’s his speed and that he’s very, very fluid. We need someone to spell Bias.”

How did you feel about the play of walk-on QB Dalton Sturm in relief duty?
“I was very pleased. To come into that situation and in that environment, I thought he handled himself well and made plays, plain and simple. The throw to David (Morgan) on third down, you couldn’t pass that any better. It was tight man coverage. We saw that in fall camp, you guys did too. The guy makes plays. He helped us in the run game too.”

Was Sturm’s speed a factor in putting him ahead of Russell Bellomy?
Not so much. We said before the season that in these first three ballgames we wanted to see all three quarterbacks. We hadn’t seen Dalton yet. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s 1, 2, and 3. It means Russell’s been in two ballgames, Blake’s been in two ballgames, and we hadn’t seen Dalton. So when it came up, it was like let’s see what he can do, let’s stick him in this environment and see how he responds. That was more the decision-making process than his athletic ability.”

Has there been an increase in focus this week at practice?
“There’s been more attention to detail. I don’t know what that meeting (player’s-only) was about Sunday but it sounds like they’re doing what they said they were going to do. Practice has gone were real well.” 

What are some of the things that you see in practice that gets translated over to in games?
"It’s the attitude and that they keep punching. Let’s to be honest, the first three ballgames would have been tough for anybody. There’s a lot of bright spots. But that’s the thing, you keep punching, keep punching, and eventually good things will happen for you. That’s the biggest thing, the attitude is right and I give the Head Coach credit for that. It bleeds down. We’ve got to understand that it’s unacceptable to lose three games and lose the last one the way we did. But at the same time, we’re realistic too. Let’s learn from the mistakes and build from the positives and move forward. He’s (Coker) always been good about that."


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