UTSA Head Coach Larry Coker talks post-game.

UTSA fell to 1-5 on the season. Head Coach Larry Coker talked about the loss.

Opening Statement

It was a great effort by our team, especially in the second half. Dalton in the second half, he was very precise with his passing, quick release. Guys making plays for him. We didn't do that much in the first half. We didn't have much offense, we didn't play very well in the first half. He had a few guys making plays for him and I wish we could have finished better.

Q. What was the difference from the first half to the second half it looked like the offensive line played better in the second half possible Dalton played better in the second half. Did you make some adjustments?

COACH COKER: Just some plays we called. We called a lot of quick passes, quick passes and the pass receivers and getting it in their hands. And I think that's -- avoiding sacks in the second half, for the most part, and then running the football, which he definitely can do that.

Q. Can you talk about the last sequence on the game what were the referees explaining to you on the fourth down where it was reviewed, you called timeout?

COACH COKER: Well, the call was the fact that there's a penalty, I believe it was a penalty and, again, so it was reviewed. So, but it stayed, it stood. It didn't make a change. So, it was the right call. It was the right call.

Q. How close were you to pulling Dalton out after the second interception? He got picked twice during the game.

COACH COKER: Well, we had a young player that hadn't played before, basically, and concerned, yes, I was. And again, that was warranted. But I wanted to give him a fair opportunity to compete. He came on and played well in the second half. His stats were awfully good. Three or four touchdown passes. But yeah, I thought about it, I surely did.

Q. Can you talk about how La Tech’s defense on Jarveon Williams?

COACH COKER: Jarveon? They're very good on defense. Their defensive front is very good, very physical, very athletic and they're hard to block. And sometimes that's difficult. But, again, those are things that you have to give them credit for, they're pretty good.

Q. Can you talk about Jabryce Taylor getting loose for two touchdowns the big contributions he made?

COACH COKER: I told the players this: We have good football players and I think we can have a good football team and I think at times we are a good football team. Jabryce is a good player. We knew that when he came in here. We just have to get those guys the football and we weren't able to do that. In the second half we did that and got some big plays out of it.

Q. What the focus to get Sturm running the ball?

COACH COKER: Well I thought the focus was to win the game. We knew that the pass would be the strategy to help us win the football game. It was a concern, for sure, because certainly you don't want to get another quarterback hurt, but he did a good job and made some big plays. And there was times when they stopped him pretty good, but, no, we have -- we're always going to rely on the quarterback. I think if you look around college football, that's the nature of the game. If you have a quarterback that throws and doesn't run, that's going back to the dinosaur.


Q. How is the health of Dalton Sturm and Blake Bogenschutz?

COACH COKER: Don't know yet. We'll see how healthy Blake is and Dalton is and we'll practice next week and I feel something good about either one of them, if they're healthy.

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