Post Game Player Interviews (La Tech)

Post Game Player Interviews with QB Dalton Sturm, WR JaBryce Taylor, and TE David Morgan.

Q. For all you guys, what was the difference with the offense in the second half? You guys couldn't seem to do anything in that first half. Second half you seemed to get it rolling. Dalton, start with you.

DALTON STURM: Me personally, I wasn't in the groove, I wasn't in the rhythm. I made some bad throws. My guys, luckily, stood behind me, knowing what I could do. And when I came out I got the ball to my playmakers and they made plays.

JABRYCE TAYLOR: We're known for starting off slow in the second half, but I just think that we, we had new people, new places, and we were just trying to feel ourself out and, like he said, we struggled in the first half, but we know what we have to do now and we see what we have to do better and we just have to go back and work harder.

DAVID MORGAN: I just feel it's hard to make big corrections and big changes in the first half when you're not, you don't have everyone together. We got in there in the second half and really coach said what he wanted to change up and kind of switched up our game plan a little bit, tried to spread it out a little bit, because they were doing so much blitzing and so much attention and stuff inside. Once we spread it out, we kind of got in a groove and I think once we were in a groove, we were hard to stop.


Q. Dalton, can you talk about those two interceptions? Can you run through those two plays, what did you see in how those plays developed?

DALTON STURM: The first one was just, we dropped back, we had a route called, it was a read route. I read it wrong, it was on me. I thought he was going to set it down, he didn't set it down. Which is on me. He made the right read. And I got to see that. The second one, I just got to hold that or put it, or throw it to my flat route. When I dropped back I thought I had a window and the guy made a great play. Jumped up and picked it on me. But I just got to make better decisions than that. Coach told me, like I said, they stayed behind me and I came back and did what I could.


Q. Dalton, your ankle, was it bothering you pretty much out there? It looked like it was wrapped up a couple times.

DALTON STURM: That's one of the things in football you got to fight through it. Things are going to happen. People are going to get injured. But I wasn't injured, just hurt. I'm going to fight through it and keep going.


Q. How much did you grow up as the game progressed and how much did it slow down for you; and David how much confidence and how much did you guys try to pick him up after those two picks?

DAVID MORGAN: I know what he can do. People make mistakes and you get your jitters out and I have full confidence in him. And when it was his turn I was ready for him to come in and fill the spot and hit it running. There was no hesitation by anyone on the offense, we have full faith in him and obviously he came in and played a hell of a game.

DALTON STURM: Coming in, I knew exactly what I had to do. We knew what we had to do as an offense. It wasn't may first rodeo. It was my first start, but it shouldn't really matter, I've been in the game, I've been doing good things. I came in, I made two crucial mistakes, which we're going to fix up, won't happen again. But just glad the guys stayed behind me and I'm glad that we progressed throughout the game.


Q. Dalton, could you talk about, before the game how much did you think about, this is my first start. You come here as a walk on, what was your thought process coming into the game?

DALTON STURM: Whenever coach told me, mid week, that I was going to have to start, under the circumstances, you never want to get this opportunity under those circumstances, because someone is hurt. I wanted to do what I could for my team. Of course, yeah, I'm a walk on, but I just tried to prove myself every day and just come through and do what I got to do. Just get the ball to my playmakers and let them do what they do.


Q. David, can you talk about how frustrating the start of the season has been?

DAVID MORGAN: It's frustrating. I've been here since day one. And I feel like we're always on the losing side of those games. I feel like we always -- not that we lose, but we find a way to beat ourselves in the end. I feel like, just little things. I feel like I say this every interview or whatever it is, but it's little things, little plays here and there, once we get together and get those things figured out, we'll be all right. But we got to do that first.


Q. Dalton, you looked comfortable and collected in the second half in the pocket. Was that just nerves kind of calming you down at halftime or was it X's and O's and changes?

DALTON STURM: I honestly don't think it was nerves. I wasn't really nervous coming in. I knew what I had to do. I've been in that situation before. I played in a handful of games already. It's just making bad reads, trying to do too much, pretty much. Making, turning a bad play into something worse. Just got to squeeze those balls and move to the next play and not make a bad play worse.


Q. Dalton, you mentioned it a little bit, but you seem like a different player in the first quarter, you seemed to be playing better in the second half from the kick off and you scored on that possession. Did you feel that you modified the game plan a little bit and smoothed things out, did you feel that you felt more confident, a little more relaxed that third quarter, because you really had a good third quarter?

DALTON STURM: We came out, we talked in halftime, we talked about things. Switching things up. To what they were doing. They were bringing a lot of heat towards us so we switched things up, tried to get the ball out quicker, get the ball to our playmakers. These two right here, Gary Thomas, just need to get everybody involved. And we came out and we talked about it and we knew that we had to go down and score on that opening drive to make it a one score game. And we did that. We did that and then we just kept rolling.


Q. Jabryce, can you talk about getting your first start here, getting in the end zone twice, just how you feel like you did today.

JABRYCE TAYLOR: Well, I just want to give honor and glory to God for allowing me to get to this point. It's a blessing and an honor that the coaches have enough trust in me to put my number out there and call my name and say, this is your job Saturday and just to go out there and do what I did today. It was nothing for me, it was all for the fans and the coaches and, most importantly, my team. I just, whenever my number's called, I just try to do everything in my power to go out there and make plays for my team.


Q. Do you realize you tied a program record with four touchdowns?

DALTON STURM: No, I didn't realize that. At the end of the day we still lost. Records don't really mean anything if you don't come out with a victory. Yeah, it's nice, but nobody really cares. We're still 1-5. We got to find ways to win that game, so.

Q. How did it feel to make some plays?

JABRYCE TAYLOR: Like I say, when the ball is in my hands, I've been told by plenty of coaches that when the ball is in your hands, everybody trusts in you. And so that's one thing that I don't take lightly is people's trust. So, I just try to go out there and when the ball is in my hands, take care of it, and get as much and do as much as I can do with the ball and just try to put points on the board, like I did tonight for the team. None of this is personal for me, it's all for my team and I won't ever think about it as just for me. I think about it as for the team. It's too bad it's not a different ending.

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