Coach’s Corner with OC Kevin Brown presented by Pat Clynes / The Fritz Kennel

Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown talks about UTSA’s loss vs La Tech, the upcoming game with Southern Miss, and the QB situation. Presented by Pat Clynes / The Fritz Kennel in Houston, Texas.

Interview with UTSA Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown presented by Pat Clynes and The Fritz Kennel in Houston, Texas

QB Dalton Sturm is going to get his first start on the road, how do you think he will do?
I think he’ll do fine. Young quarterbacks got to get in there and settle down. You saw on Saturday (vs La Tech). But he’s been in Stillwater Oklahoma, he’s been in at Western Kentucky, so he’s been in environments like that before so I think he’ll be fine.

What do you think about Sturm’s mental toughness?
You saw things: he’s resilient and he’s tough. It’s the same thing with Bogie. That’s the first two things you look for in a quarterback. You don’t really find that out until the bullets are flying. You can’t start worse than that. It’s kind of like Blake at Arizona. The first three drives, two picks, one of them for a pick six. But buckle down, forget about it, and play the rest of the game. That’ tells you a lot about him.

Did you refine the plan in the second half to the La Tech game?
Yes. We went into the half still in the ballgame, we probably shouldn’t have, the defense kept us in it. That’s the one thing we said at halftime, lets get it to third and manageable and with this drive (first drive of the second half) lets get it to a one possession game, lets get a little momentum and try to get things going our way. Credit to our kids, they kept fighting. We tell them that all of the time. You’re going to have adversity in a ballgame. How you respond to it is going to determine if you’re going to be in it or not. I thought they did a nice job fighting back.

What did La Tech do to take away RB Jarveon Williams, stack the box?
Yeah, they brought a lot of people. You know, UTEP and La Tech, seems like we get them back to back every year, but there’s a whole lot of movement. Picking up that movement and then they put one more hat in the box than you can block. They force you to do other things. We’ve got to get Jarveon the ball, sometimes that’s easier said than done depending on what they’re doing.

Did the lack of rushing game opening up the passing game?
Yes, you’ve got to adjust every ball game. I think the kids did a nice job of adjusting and executing.

RB’s Coach Polo Gutierrez was the recruiter for Dalton Sturm. Do you remember conversation you had with Polo about Sturm?
Yes. You know, Polo does a great job in South Texas. Finding kids like that, I don’t think he had one (division one) scholarship offer and I wouldn’t trade him for anybody right now. He’s a great athlete, he can dunk a ball anyway you want him to. The first play on his junior year highlight tape is him doing a Johnny Manzeil, running back and forth making a touchdown throw in the last five seconds of the game. The kid’s an athlete, number one, then a competitor. I think you saw that Saturday. Coach Polo is going to hit every school in South Texas and find guys like that. We’ve gotten capital out of it, it’s kind of a niche for us.

What does that say about the depth of Texas High School Football that he just shows up on your door step?
Well, we recruited and he came to camp. It’s just a matter of ID’ing him and find that. Him and Bogie both, they didn’t have any offers. You don’t get too many sleepers. You usually have to get in there and battle people for the good players. But at the same time, if you do your due diligence, I think you’re going to find players like that. I think it is a credit to Texas High School Football. You look at Eric Soza too, it’s the same type of scenario. So there’s kids out there.

Will Blake Bogenschutz travel?
I’d love to, it just depends on how he feels. He was out of practice. He’s a team captain and we want him around. At the same time, if he can’t look into a TV and be in a light-room we’re not going to take a chance, his health comes first.

How close where you to burning Manny Harris’ redshirt vs La Tech? You really don’t want to use him this season, do you?
They cut Dalton’s shoe off and were trying to lace it up. He wasn’t ready and Manny was about to go in. Credit to Coach Coker, we weren’t going to burn a kid’s redshirt for one play because a shoe isn’t tied. We called timeout and got Dalton back in. No, we don’t want to burn his redshirt unless we absolutely have to.

What does Manny do well?
He’s got it up here (points to the head). He’s an accurate thrower. He can so some of the running so he’s a multiple guy but probably the biggest thing is that he can manage the game and is accurate.

Have you considered using WR Greg Campbell, a former high school QB, as an emergency QB?
Not yet. Give me about another week, and maybe. I hope it doesn’t get to that but you know what, it did last year so who knows. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Does it feel like déjà vu with the QB situation?
That just tells you that you have to coach all of them. You’ve also got to develop depth. Sometimes it’s tough to do that in that quarterback room because you want the ones and twos to get the reps and the others down on scout team. But it’s next guy up, and that’s at every position, not just quarterback position.

Is the pace where you want it to be?
It depends. Sometimes the pace can work against you. If there’s a whole lot of movement, you don’t know where to lineup and ID them. With La Tech and UTEP, sometimes they’re all over the place. When you go real fast, yes sometimes you get them out of alignment but then you don’t ID stuff for your protection. So a little bit of that is getting everybody on the same page. With a young a quarterback, you want them to know where pressure is coming from.

How WR JaBryce Taylor progressed?
He finally got an opportunity. Bias has been hurt. It just happened that way. We got him the ball versus Colorado State at he caught a deep ball at UTEP that got called back. You’ve seen flashes, and the two touchdowns jump out, but it’s been more getting his opportunity to take advantage. He’s a big body that can run. He’s an asset. 

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