UTSA Likely To Extend Adidas Deal

UTSA Athletics will likely extend their department-wide apparel deal with Adidas.

InsideRunnerSports has learned that UTSA Athletics is strongly considering extending their department-wide apparel contract with Adidas.

Athletic Director Lynn Hickey recently confirmed to InsideRunnerSports that UTSA officials met last week to discuss the process of extending the Adidas apparel contract.

In May of 2013, UTSA partnered with Adidas for a term of three years. The current contract goes through this 2015-16 school year.

The deal provides UTSA $275,000 per year in promotional merchandise and $325,000 in merchandise to be sold to the school at wholesale costs. The $275,000 dollar figure is an apparel and equipment allowance but does not include any cash value.

According to information made public by the UT Board of Regents, the conditions of the contract as follows: “Each year during the term of the Agreement, UTSA will receive from Adidas: (1) the right to order up to $275,000 (retail value) of Adidas products at no charge; and (2) a football program product allotment of footballs, coaches shirts, staff shirts, and caps with a total current retail value of $40,100."

Adidas outfits all 17 of UTSA’s intercollegiate sports and spirit programs. This contract was the first department-wide agreement in the school’s history.

The current contract expires May 31, 2016. The contact has two additional two-year renewal periods. 

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