Top local talent visits UTSA practice

Top local talent visits UTSA practice

Marco Anthony is a 6'6" 205lb, lefty from Holmes High School. He already has a D1 frame and he never appears to be playing out of control. Whether he's attacking, using his mid range game or shooting from beyond the arc, his game is just smooth. 

His play from his sophomore year and a successful summer circuit, have already landed him 5 offers: UTSA, UTEP, Sam Houston State, Mercer, and Long Island University. With interest coming from Boise State, Pepperdine, Nebraksa, TCU, and others.

UTSA was Anthony's first offer earlier this spring, and the staff has been in heavy contact with him. On Monday, he decided to stop by the campus and check out the 'Runners practice.

"I went to the practice, I was talking to Coach Guster and Head Coach Brooks Thompson. Coach Brooks was telling me about the new scheme this year, and they're getting used to the new shot clock. It was pretty laid back because of how they were learning the new plays, but whenever they started scrimmaging it got intense. Coach Gus was telling me about playing the shooting guard," said Anthony.

When the 'Runners decided to offer a few months back, it did catch Marco by surprise as he really hadn't gotten that familiar with the recruiting process. Now that he's more familiar with how the process works, there aren't too many things that will catch him off guard. 

"UTSA was my first offer, I was surprised because I didn't know how it all worked," said Anthony.

Since then the staff has been up front and let him know that his talents are being evaluated as a program changer. Coach Thompson would like for Anthony to be the face of the program, he could be that local star prospect that helps revitalize the local fan base and potentially draws more local talent to stay home.

Anthony does admit that UTSA interests him, he does not have any leaders or favorites at the moment, but the 'Runners do stand out because of how often they're in contact and how hard the staff has been recruiting him. 

In no particular order, but along with UTSA, Mercer, and Sam Houston State are the programs that are recruiting him the hardest at the moment.

Anthony knows that he's one of the special talents in a deep Greater SA class for 2017. He does acknowledge the rankings, but stays humble and doesn't let it effect any of his preparation or drive. If anything, he uses it as motivation to work that much harder and remain on top. 

He's also fully aware that UTSA has targeted two other local top recruits for the '17 class: PG Kobe Magee (Brandeis HS) and Combo Guard Greg Bowie (Johnson HS), and has interest in a handful of others. Anthony plays in the same high school district as Magee, so the two usually talk. When competing at events or tournaments, he and Bowie have also chatted it up. Other than just catching up and talking hoops, they've never talked about the trio possibly playing together at the next level. 

Once he completes his junior season, expect Anthony to start focusing more on recruiting. He's only visited UTSA and Sam Houston State thus far. With a good junior campaign, he'll be sure to have more than five offers when the spring rolls around. 

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