Interview with Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown brought to you by Pat Clynes / Fritz Kennel

Coming off the bye week, UTSA’s offense hopes to kick things in gear this week vs North Texas. Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown talks shop in this week’s Coaches Corner presented by Pat Clynes and The Fritz Kennel.

How was practice?
“It was good. We shortened it a little bit. We had the off-week last week and got some work in on North Texas then. We bounced around pretty good.”

What has been the reason for some of the troubles with the offensive line?
“What people don’t it’s everybody. It’s o-line, it’s quarterbacks, it’s backs, it’s wide receivers, it all works together. A lot of time you see that many times and you say “the offensive line didn’t block.” That’s not necessarily true. Sometimes it’s the wrong read, sometimes the quarterback didn’t get the ball out of his hands, sometimes the back blows protection, so it’s everybody being on the same page. It starts with communication. Settling that guy (Sturm) down a little bit and trusting his protection. It’s also knowing with where to go with the football and when to get it out. We’ve gotten a lot of pressure the last few weeks. We’ve got to be able to handle it and communicate and get everyone on the same page.”

How many of the sacks in the last game were communication?
“I don’t know how many were communication. But offensive line-wise, I think two were on the offensive line, the rest were other reasons. It all works together.”

How do you see the younger players handle the losing?
“You’ve got to come out to work the next day. You’ve got to take it for what it is, that we’re never satisfied. We weren’t satisfied with the way we played two weeks ago. That’ being said, you don’t hang your head, you out and fight the next day to get better. Nobody wants to be 1-6. The kids are sick to their stomach, we’re sick to our stomach but you keep working. You have to come back to work the next day, they’ve always done that. We’re not going to make excuses. I don’t care who we play, we need to be playing better than we are.”

Do you modify the offense for Dalton Sturm?
“A tad. You don’t have to do too much but we have tailored it a tad. Dalton gives us different things but he still is a redshirt freshman. There’s growing pains. The way the kid has handled it, the kid’s tough. I think you saw that two weeks ago. He’s got a lot of the intangibles: he’s a play maker, he’s tough, and he’s going to get better each and every week.”

What are you preparing for from North Texas?
“They’ve changed a little bit the last two weeks. They started doing some things we haven’t seen on film. We’ve got to prepare for all of it. It’s three down, four down, and various shifting. They line up the way our defense does. The new stuff is more like Louisiana Tech and Arizona. It’s nothing we haven’t seen all year, we just have to be ready for it.”

How do you expect the game to play out?
“It’s UTSA vs North Texas, it’s going to go down to the last drive. That’s the way it is when we play.”

Is Blake Bogenschutz close to coming back?
“He’s been out at practice the last couple of days. I think he’s getting closers and the headaches are starting to go away so I think he’s getting closer. He wants to be out here but with head injuries you have to becareful and you have to take your time. We have to make sure his health is right. I think he’s closer, how close is he I can’t comment on that.”

Will there be any changes to the offense to help kick start things early?
“We have to get better at execution. You’re always going to see things you’re not expecting, you have to make adjustments. We always talk about starting fast. For whatever reason the last couple of ball games it hasn’t happened. You hate playing from behind all the time.”

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