Coker Supports Coaching Staff

On Monday, UTSA Head Coach Larry Coker said he did not anticipate any changes will be made to his coaching staff after losing to 0-7 North Texas.

At his weekly media round table, UTSA Head Coach Larry Coker threw his support behind his coaching staff when responding to two questions:

1. How do you hold your staff accountable?
“We have a great coaching staff, I’ll take this staff anywhere I’ve been. They’re outstanding people That’s the thing I see. How are they accountable? They’re at work early, they’re on the phones recruiting, and just all of the things you do as a coach, they’re doing that. You know that as a coach. If they’re not, it’s by job to make some changes. But they are, they’re very accountable.”

2. Have you considered making coaching any changes?
“No. We have a great staff and there’s no reason I’d want to make some changes. Hopefully we can keep them together, to be honest with you. There’s a lot of jobs open. They’re going to have a lot of opportunities because they’re outstanding coaches, they’re outstanding coaches.” 


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