UTSA Player Interviews following Rice win

QB Dalton Sturm, RB Jarveon Williams, and DE Jason Neill talk about the Roadunners 34-24 win over Rice Saturday

Interviews with QB Dalton Sturm, RB Jarveon Williams, and DE Jason Neill


Q. Jarveon, can you just talk about going over 1,000 yards, touchdowns, and a lot of the things to talk about as far as a great season for you individually?
JARVEON WILLIAMS: I'm just honestly, I'm at a loss for words. Truly thankful. I'm just really glad we got the win, got the victory, beat Rice. First home victory. All that other stuff comes later, but I'm truly proud of my team, and I couldn't do it without them. 

Q. Jason, congratulations on the victory. Talk about what it means for you. You've played against the Owls and come up short and finally beaten them. How do you feel?
JASON NEILL: It's an awesome feeling, especially how the season has gone. It hasn't gone our way. But every week we just come to work, and we finally got that win. Like Coach (Neal) Neathery was talking about, we've beaten every team in Texas that we've played so far. So it was a great way for the second to last game of my last season. It's really good to see us coming together and keep fighting. So we're not quitting. 

Q. Dalton, I think during the week you said last week was the worst you played and you played pretty well tonight. Can you talk about kind of rebounding from that?
DALTON STURM: Yeah, I mean, it's going to happen. Last week was a rough week for me, especially in the first half. But the main thing is the guys stood behind me, and I'm just thankful for that. I prepared all week as hard as I could, watched film, and did everything I could to try to get better and be prepared for the Owls. We came out and executed really well. So a great job by the whole team, and a great job getting the win. 

Q. Yeah, Dalton, I wanted to ask you the same thing. You had a really good game today in the air and on the ground. Were you down on that scramble?
DALTON STURM: I have no idea. I was just trying to make a play. Obviously, I guess the refs saw it one way, but I guess I'll have to look at it. 

Q. Jarveon, it was announced that you broke a thousand yards on the season while you were on the field. Did you know prior to that play that you had broken the record or did you figure it out?
JARVEON WILLIAMS: Oh, no, I had no idea. I think we were on the field, and someone said it or something like that. Like I said, I didn't know. I just played and came off the field and everybody was congratulating me, and that's when I found out. 

Q. Jason, can you just talk about this season as a whole? Just how things have gone and where the team is at right now? Can you try and describe the emotion of what you guys have gone through this season?
JASON NEILL: Obviously, after a win, that locker room does not feel like the season we've had. Everyone's coming together. Everyone's still loving on each other, celebrating together. I mean, we're still a team. We're still going to finish this thing out right. We can't change what happened this season, but we're going to give it everything we've got this week and finish the season off right. 

Q. You've been here for all the games against Rice, and you lost three times. So not only did you get the first win but knocked them out of bowl contention. Is that kind of a silver lining this season? Can you talk about that a little bit?
JASON NEILL: Definitely, for me, we obviously can't go to a bowl game. So just winning out and finishing the season, it's really all we've got left leading into the offseason for these younger guys. I mean, that's all we've got left for these seniors and myself included. So we're just going to do whatever we can to finish this season off right. 

Q. Jason, just wanted to ask you. You had a 14-0 run there at the second quarter after a key fumble that Marcus Davenport caused. What about that play and how do you feel that figured into the scheme of momentum change and all that?
JASON NEILL: I think it's something that definitely changed the game because at that point we were kind of battling. It was about even, but once we got that turnover near the end zone, you could see on their faces they were starting to give up, and that's something about our team is we never give up. That's kind of been our motto this week. I think you can see the way we play that that's definitely how we play, and we're going to keep doing that. 

Q. Dalton, you had a nice throw to David Morgan that got called back. The next play you threw it back to him pretty much on the same route. Was there a chip on your shoulder on that throw or did you know you wanted to get it back?
DALTON STURM: Yeah, of course, anytime we get David singled up like that we can make a play. So that one got called back, I mean, they lined up the same way. Brought their safety down and manned him up, so I just went at it again and we made a great play. 

Q. What did you think of the fans today and talking about military appreciation, and also with the fans?
JARVEON WILLIAMS: All of our fans, they showed up, it's been a tough season. They showed up week-in and week-out, and it felt good to finally get a first home win not only for us, but for the fans and for Military Appreciation, that was big too. This whole day has been a big, special day, and I'm just proud to be a part of it.

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