Interview with Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown brought to you by Pat Clynes / Fritz Kennel

UTSA’s offense has scored 30 points the last three weeks. With just one game left in the 2015 season, Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown talks X’s and O’s, Middle Tennessee, and saying goodbye to this year’s senior class in this week’s Coach’s Corner brought to you by Pat Clynes and The Fritz Kennel.

Interview with UTSA Offensive Coordinator Kevin Brown presented by Pat Clynes and The Fritz Kennel.


Why was Tuesday’s practice disappointing?
“We need to practice better. You show them quite a bit, we showed them a lot of blitz looks. That’s not usual. But the communication part of it is what we were a little bit disappointed in. They’ll get better, we’ll have a better practice tomorrow.”

What do you see on film from Middle Tennessee’s defense?
“They’re active. Those guys play hard and play with passion. They show you a lot of different looks on third down. Th. at was some of the stuff we were working on after practice.”

Do you worry about having to keep up with MTSU’s offense?
“You always take that into account. The focus is always on us and our execution but at the same time they’re putting up points and are really good offensively. When we’re breaking down other teams, I’ve seen them on offense so I know what they’re capable of. Absolutely, we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do to win the ball game.”

What allowed Dalton Sturm to play well vs Rice?
“I think experience one. Two, he studied the way a starting quarterback needs to. He was in here studying extra film. That Charlotte game woke him up a little bit. I thought his preparation last week was excellent. It showed on Saturday.”

Is it surprising to see that Sturm has progressed so much this season?
“We saw flashes in fall camp. We saw a little bit in the spring too. To say I’m not surprised, I’d be lying. But he did some things in fall camp that made us think this kid has a chance. He’s tough, athletic, he’s accurate. The potential is there.”

The last six quarters have been good for your unit, do you feel like the offense is clicking?
“I think so. I think it boils down to execution. Our players have been making plays and executing. It’s good to see us have some success but we’ve got to come out here every day and practice to get better.”

Against Rice, you were first and goal and ran three straight times. Were you trying to send a message to your offensive line?
“Anytime you’re down there and you need one yard to go, it’s always been our mentality that if you can’t get one yard you don’t deserve to win. But Rice made it tough, I wish we would have got it the first time. But we go jumbo and we say no matter how many they got in there, we’ve got to push them back.” 

After David Morgan’s Offensive PI penalty, did you go back with the same play call?
“Yeah When they single up David along the boundary, that’s a matchup we feel good about. That was a matter of the matchup.” 

What about the naked bootleg where Dalton Sturm scored a touchdown, have you been saving that play all season?
“The offensive line coach was on me. We ran it three straight times and they kept pinching. The bootleg was a result of the offensive line play the previous goal line drive. I’ll give (Offensive Line) Coach (Mike) Markuson credit, he was in my ear calling for a bootleg.” 

What’s allowed the offensive line to play better these last few weeks?
“They’re playing more as a unit. You’ve got to communicate and work together. There was a stretch in the season when there were a lot of guys banged up and we were moving guys around. They’re finally able to stay in one position and rep that all week and get comfortable with that spot.” 

How do you feel Clayton Woods did in his first start?
“He did really good. I was really impressed with him. That’s a true freshman and Rice is always good up front. We were very pleased with his performance, he did a good job.” 

How important would it be to win the last game of the season?
“That would be huge. We talked to them about that on Sunday, to get momentum for the offseason and the seniors leaving a legacy.” 

What can you say about this senior class?
“They set the foundation for this program and we’ll be forever indebted to them. I think about David (Morgan), he played in that first ball game against Northeastern, Will Cavanaugh too. It seems like they just got here on campus yesterday. Those guys busted their butts. They came in when we weren’t established. What we asked those players to do and how they responded, I don’t think you can say enough about those guys. We’re going to miss them.”

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