Larry Coker Post Game Interview 11.28.15

Head Coach Larry Coker talks about UTSA’s 42-7 loss to Middle Tennessee Saturday.

UTSA Head Coach Larry Coker Post Game Interview 11.28.15

LARRY COKER: I don't have a whole lot to say after that one. Obviously we got beat and beat pretty good. They're a good football team. We knew that going in. They've gotten a lot better as the season went along. We talk about our tough schedule, but they had a pretty tough schedule, as well; Vanderbilt and Alabama are some of the teams that they played. They're a good football team. Rick Stockstill does a phenomenal job coaching them, and they were just a lot better than us today. That's just plain and simple. 

Q. Was the offensive line out-matched? Did their defensive line kind of put a lot of pressure on Dalton Sturm today? Is that where you felt like you lost --
LARRY COKER: Yes, they're a really -- we knew they were good -- both sides of the line of scrimmage were very, very good, their offense and defense, and again, we knew we that would be a tough challenge for us, but you're exactly right; they handled us pretty good up front and put us in some bad situations.

Q. Can you tell us all about what happened with Jarveon Williams?
LARRY COKER: Yeah, Jarveon had a bruise. He was ruled out for the game, so of course we didn't play him. We got to get some other guys a chance to play, and they did fairly well, and some of those guys got hurt. But just proud of the way they stepped up and they did the very best they could. Obviously Jarveon I think is an all-conference back and a very good player. Did we miss him? Sure, we missed him. Was he the difference in the game? I don't think so.

Q. Can you just talk about the last few weeks, kind of the roller coaster? You play well in a few games, you don't in some others. Can you summarize the last part of the season and the struggles you guys have had?
LARRY COKER: Well, the last part of our season was the best part of our season. We won two of the three last games, so that was good. I think the thing -- yeah, the roller coaster, I think, comes from you're playing with your backup quarterback. Ask the Dallas Cowboys about that one. That's kind of hard to live up to. Dalton got better and we were able to win some games with him, and I think he's a good player. I like him. I like him a lot. He's a young player, got some experience. I think also with Jarveon missing some time, so with all those things, that's football, and I'm sure these teams we played, they had some guys that missed some time, too. But again, I think the guys prepared, they played hard, and sometimes we won, sometimes we weren't good enough. That's why we recruit. Again, with recruiting, my philosophy with recruiting is we don't have anybody good enough. We've got to get guys better than anybody we have. Now, during the season, they're all good enough. We're not saying the guys aren't good enough. But what I'm saying is this: We've got to go recruit, and these guys are going to do the same thing 

Q. Do you feel like the play of the defense kind of was hampered by the play of the offense most of the season? They were good at some point, but it seemed like they were on the field an awful lot, especially down the stretch of some of these closer games, not this one specifically, but do you feel like maybe that was a factor?
LARRY COKER: Well, I think actually John Cooper used to say 'we played too much three-and-out and rest, and so again, put them on the bench. Put their offense on the bench.' That's part of it. I think we gave up some big plays. We knew we couldn't do that. But they're a good offensive football team. Stockstill is a good quarterback, threw some good balls. They made some good jump balls downfield, and that's major college football. We're not NAIA anymore. We're Division I big-boy ball, and those guys can make plays, so we've got to make plays ourselves. But no, I don't think so. I think our offense -- it's got to be a team effort, offense, defense and special teams. We knew that.

Q. Is it extra disappointing that this happened at home?
LARRY COKER: Well, you know, I was glad that we won last week at home. We hadn't won a home game until last week, and that was good. It's always disappointing to lose at home. I think we have a great home environment. We have a great place to play, and I think the support is good. You know, really from my standpoint, you'd really like to do it for your fans and your supporters, and we weren't able to do that today, so yeah, that is disappointing.

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