Players share thoughts on social media

Larry Coker stepped down as UTSA’s first-ever coach on Tuesday. Current and former players took to social media to pay tribute.

Current and former players’ reactions to Larry Coker’s departure:

QB Blake Bogenschutz: "Forever indebted to Coach Coker for giving me my only opportunity to play college football at the Division 1 level! It was beyond an honor to play for such a legend like Coach Coker. Much love and respect to this man!"

LB Marcos Curry: "I was blessed with the opportunity to have had Larry Coker as my Head Coach. He started a program 5 years ago from scratch, literally nothing. I am tremendously grateful that I received an offer and signed here because of the connections and people I have met. Now I'm ready to grind with my guys with whoever is to come!"

WR Derrick Dick: "It was an honor playing for Coach Coker, but now I'm ready to get back to work and get ready for this new playbook and coaching staff!"

QB Jaylon Henderson: “Beyond blessed to have Coach Coker as my fire collegiate Coach. Not only am I blessed to have been around a great man, I know that he will go on to do great things in the future. Very thankful for your positivity around such a strong program. Your footsteps here will go a long way, we truly appreciate all you have taught us!”

DL Vontrell King-Williams: "Thanks to Larry Coker for giving me my second chance to play D1 football! I will forever be grateful to you! Thank You!!!"

WR Kerry Thomas: "Salute to Larry Coker & the legacy he's left at UTSA! Starting a program from scratch is remarkable, something that shouldn't be over looked"

WR JaBryce Taylor: "Salute to a legend and a great coach Larry Coker! Thank you for giving me a chance to showcase my skills. You'll never be forgotten!!"

P Yanni Roustas: "Crazy to think all of us UTSA football players have played for one of the greatest coaches to come through college football! Thankful!"

S Michael Egwuagu: "Nothing but love for Larry Coker, thank you for everything. You're a roadrunner now and forever boss."

OL Reed Darragh: "Give thanks."

CB Jacolbie Butler: "It was an honor playing for Coach Coker he was a great man with great spirits! Hes a Legend & I am grateful I had the chance to play for him."

QB Manny Harris: "So thankful for the opportunity this man gave me ! He did a great job starting up this program."

Former TE David Morgan: "The amount of respect I have for Larry Coker is indescribable, thank you for an incredible five years of coaching and opportunity."

Former LB Jens Jeters: "Man... Finding out about Larry Coker leaving is sad. Thank you and Coach Neathery for everything at UTSA. Respect to both of you."

Former OL William Cavanaugh: "It was a great experience getting to play for Coach Coker. He is a honest man that treats every single person he meets/coaches with respect. Thank you Coach!"

Former LB Drew Douglas: "This man took a chance on me when not many did. Class act coach who treated everyone with the same respect. Thank you for the memories!"

Former WR Kam Jones: "It's crazy to see Coach Coker leave. This man took a chance on me when no one else really did. Giving me the opportunity to play D1 football. Building a program from the ground up was truly a blessing! Thanks for all the memories and opportunities.  Wish you nothing but the best!"

Former RB Brandon Armstrong: "Love this man and forever grateful, he's the one that gave me a chance and has opened a lot of doors for a lot of young men to play ball in the 210!!"

Former WR Kenny Bias: "He always told me he loved my energy and that he couldn't look good without me lol. He never took credit for anything if you think about it. He said he was blessed to be around great players . It's crazy seeing him leave this program but I hope the best for Coach Coker. He's a great man indeed."

Former Safety Maurice Pollard: "One of the best Coaches I've ever played for. Even when we had to part ways he told me if I ever needed anything he was a phone call away. Cared about his players more than just on the field. Class act."

Former DL Franky Anaya: "Although I saw this coming I'll forever be thankful for Coach Larry Coker and Coach Eric Roark because they gave me a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was able to graduate from UTSA on an athletic scholarship, and discover the great state of Texas. Best of luck Larry!"

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