Spring Preview with Frank Wilson

UTSA Head Coach Frank Wilson met with media Friday afternoon to preview spring football practices.

New Head Football Coach Frank Wilson says he and his staff will create and promote an environment of competition during spring practices, which begin Monday morning for UTSA.

“Iron truly sharpens iron,” said Wilson. “The more good players you have, the better you will be. We’ll foster the atmosphere that is built around competition.”

Anticipation in high as a new era of UTSA Football begins when players report on Sunday.

“The build up is real,” said Wilson. “I’m so anxious to see our team. I’m so eager to see our young men compete and take coaching. “

This spring will be different than any other UTSA has endured. With a whole new coaching staff meshing with existing players, these upcoming practices will truly be unique.

“At an established school you may want to stay healthy. In our case we want to establish culture,” said Wilson. “We want to learn how to practice and schemes. And we want to evaluate to see what we have.”

One of the biggest questions surrounding the team is at the quarterback position. Wilson was asked if he thought his starting quarterback for next season was currently on the roster. He replied: “I don’t know that. Right now we’re very excited about the three young men that are on campus. We’re going to give them every opportunity to compete for the starting job.”

Schematically speaking, Wilson did not reveal any plans or specifics. But he did say the offense will be aggressive.

“You’ll see an offense that’s physical in every phase, an offense that’ll be non-predictable. And we’re going to take shots, strategically. We want big plays, that’s a part of our goals.”

On the defensive end, Wilson says he wants his 4-2-5 defense to be aggressive as well.

“We’re going to get after people,” said Wilson. “We’re going to be active and have a rotation. We’re going to be aggressive but smart in our calls. We will not sit on our heels to allow people to attack us.”

Wilson also mentioned special teams as a point of emphasis.

“We’ll be aggressive and we’ll hit. We’re going to try to block punts and block kicks. That will be our identity of a team. Our best players play special teams. If you need to take a play off, take it off on offense or defense but we need you on special teams.”

Since Wilson was hired in mid-January, he hasn’t had the opportunity to coach or evaluate any of the players on the team first hand. But he has gotten reports from his strength and conditioning staff about how offseason workouts have gone.

“We’re very fortunate that our strength and conditioning staff understands our expectations,” said Wilson. “They probably have more impact than anybody else. They coach the entire team through the entire summer and winter workouts. Their reports have been phenomenal.”

Wilson says he believes there is enough talent on UTSA’s roster for the team to be able to compete in the upcoming season.

“You have guys on this (coaching) staff who have been in this conference and they say we’re as talented as we were at that other school,” said Wilson. “So I think we’ll have a chance to be in every game. We’ll be prepared to compete.”

Wilson says psyche of the team is in a good place.

“Anytime there’s something new it lends people to be optimistic,” said Wilson. “I think they’re eager. I think the “want to” is there. It’s change, in this case, the change is accepted and embraced. They want to prove themselves.”

 - Jacquelle Green: Three-star recruit Jacquelle Green, a Defensive Back from D’Iberville, was arrested last week charged with armed robbery. Widely considered the best recruit from this past signing class, Wilson was asked if he thought Green would ever be a Roadrunner. “I don’t know at this time. We’ll allow the judicial system to run its course.”
 - Lone Star Boys: UTSA recently held a Junior Day Event to introduce UTSA Football to some of the state’s top recruits. Wilson on the event: “It was an opportunity to get the best players in San Antonio and then expand into Texas.”
 - All Eyes on 2017 Recruits: Wilson was hired just weeks before National Signing Day for 2016 recruits. Even though his staff was charged with filling out that class, he says that the focus has been on 2017 recruits since the beginning: “We’ve had eyes on the 2017 players since my first day. It was more being aggressive with the 2017 class. With the 2016 class, you had to rely on the relationship that was already there.”
 - Emphasis on the Greater SA Area: Wilson held back little discussing his want to heavily recruit San Antonio saying: “We’ll have visitors for some spring scrimmages but then we’re going to attack, it’s going to be an all-out assault on the City of San Antonio. We’ll hit all 50+ schools in the San Antonio area. We’ll expand another hour outside for another 72 schools. In a two day time span we’ll hit over 140 schools in the greater San Antonio area.”
 - 2016 Late Additions: Wilson did state that UTSA is still in the market to add players to next season’s roster.

Here are some short videos Friday’s media session with Coach Wilson:

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