Practice Report for Spring Practice #1

UTSA began spring practices on Monday. brings you a practice report.

Spring Practice Report for Monday, March 21, 2016

DAY #1 FOR WILSON: New Head Coach Frank Wilson admitted to reporters Monday that it felt good to finally get on the football field. As first time coach, Wilson has been through a whirlwind since been being hired just over two months ago. Wilson on his first day of practice: “It’s humbling. I got up like I typically do: fell on my knees and had a good prayer this morning. Got focused and prepared for a good day. And I enjoyed every moment of it. It was everything I anticipated.”

HANDS ON COACHING STYLE: Minutes into practice, Wilson was seen working with various position groups. He was very vocal when he was around the quarterbacks and running backs. At one point during drills, Wilson took a few snaps as a running back: “I’m going to be hands on involved in the offense. I’m going to participate and jump in as much as they’ll allow me.”

WILLIAMS LIKES HANDS ON: RB Jarveon Williams said he liked Coach Wilson’s hands on approach to coaching, especially when he worked with the RB corps: “It’s something I’m not use to seeing but it’s definitely a positive thing getting that instruction hands on and having someone there to critique you helps you improve as a player."

LESS SHOTGUN OFFENSE: Both QB Dalton Sturm and RB Jarveon Williams revealed there may be a change coming to UTSA’s offense. Officially, the offensive scheme is listed as multiple, which is the same it has been listed in years past. However, both players indicated a different style of offense was on the horizon. Characterized as both physical and vertical, each said that it was a little bit of transition from years past. Sturm went on to say that a majority of the practice was operated from under center. He also added that overall, the offense remains multiple.

STURM RELIEVED TO BE ON SCHOLARSHIP: Sporting shorter-cut hair, a fresh-looking Dalton Sturm talked to media on Monday. The former walk-on from Goliad,  Sturm admitted that he was worried about the status of his scholarship since it was the previous staff who awarded it to him: “I was really kind of worried after Coach Coker and everybody left because I didn’t know if I was going to have to re-earn my scholarship. Whenever I found out they were going to honor it, it really relived a lot of stress.”

BIG WR’S: The WR trio of JaBryce Taylor, Dannon Cavil, and Jesse Ebouze jumped out on Monday as being big huge targets for each of the quarterbacks. Working in drills, each player made good catches while showing off their athleticism.

GOLDING FIRED UP: Defensive Coordinator Pete Golding may have been the most energetic coach on the field Monday morning. Coach Golding worked with several position groups throughout practice and was seen being very talkative and engaging.

DEPTH CHART VERY MUCH ETCHED IN SAND: Coach Wilson did not back down from his statements last week about creating an environment of competition: "No one has declared themselves as “the guy” at this point. It’s sincere that it’s a depth chart that’s etched in sand. It’s open season for the best man to become the starter."

STARTING QB BATTLE: Nothing was revealed in practice #1 to indicate who the top quarterback is. According to Coach Wilson, Dalton Sturm, Manny Harris, and Jaylon Henderson each worked with the first team: “It was constant rotation. At one point they were all with the ones.”

INSTALLATION PHASE CONTINUES: Coach Wilson said that he’d like to spend the first few weeks of spring practice installing offense and defense schemes: “Somewhere probably around installation (practice) number six or so, the bulk of what we are doing will be in. Then it will allow the remainder of practices to happen.”

PADS ON FRIDAY: Players practiced in helmets and shorts Monday. The first day in pads is expected to be on Friday.

INJURY REPORT: UTSA was without several key players Monday. The following players did not practice as they were out with injuries: S Nate Gaines, CB Stanley Dye, S Michael Egwuagu, LB Les Mauro, LB Steven Holoman, S Austin Jupe, and S Isaiah Santos.

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