UTSA Football Media Day

The Roadrunners were in the Alamodome on Monday, not to practice or scrimmage, but to meet with media to discuss the upcoming season. InsideRunnerSports brings you coverage of UTSA’s Media Day.

There are just two Saturdays left before UTSA kicks off season six with a Sept 3 showdown vs Alabama State at the Alamodome. On Monday, UTSA met with media to discuss the upcoming season and take their team photos. Below is various coverage of UTSA Media Day.

Video Interview with UTSA Head Coach Frank Wilson


QB Dalton Sturm: “I can’t wait it’s been too long. We had a nice scrimmage yesterday here in the ‘Dome. It makes everything feel a little better when you come in here and get to visualize things, visual the fans, and everybody out here. It makes it seem a lot closer.”

WR Kerry Thomas: “It’s probably the most exciting time, for us as a team, we’re looking forward to it (the season). We’ve been putting in the work since the offseason. It’s time for use to show it on the field.”

TE Trevor Stevens: “I’m excited, we’ve been putting in a lot of work. We’re ready to see the lights back on here in the ‘Dome. I think we’re going to have great support, we’re really excited. The new coaching staff, the new traditions to come, I think everybody on the team is really excited to get things going.”

Head Coach Frank Wilson: “It’s (the energy) is on campus. We have a great student body. From Dr. Romo to our custodial staff at the university to everyone in between with the student body, they’re extremely excited about it and they let it be known. This is a new year. Let’s go start our tradition. Let’s go do something great and I think the boys embrace that. They’re really excited about it, that’s why we work so hard.”

Defensive Coordinator Pete Golding: “I think our kids have been doing a great job. They’re accepting the new coaching, accepting the new ideas, and coming to work everyday. I’m excited where we are at. We still have a way to go but I think the first week and a half has been awesome.”

Offensive Coordinator Frank Scelfo: “We love San Antonio. It’s an opportunity to take a program that’s never been there and do something special. Let’s go do it. My son being able to get on as a GA was a by-product.”

QB Dalton Sturm: “It’s been a great ride. There have been ups and downs, a lot of ups. I try to do my best to stay humble with everything and give all the glory to God. But a lot has changed. Coming from a walk-on, I just tried to do my best and fit in wherever I was and work hard for the team and eventually it paid off.”

WR Kerry Thomas: “You can feel (the energy) all throughout UTSA’s campus. When Coach Wilson got here, one of the big things he wanted us to do was to really get more out to UTSA and the community, get more involved.”

TE Trevor Stevens: “I think it’s apparent across the team that people are excited. If you looked at the last two years, it was a down performance looking at the game records. I think with the change in staff and the change in culture, it’s brought a new energy. I think everybody is excited to see what that can bring for a whole entire season. Everybody in college football wants to go to a bowl game. That’s the excitement that’s been talked about and that’s a big goal of the team.”

Offensive Coordinator Frank Scelfo: “I’m excited about the fact that all of the guys that are there (quarterbacks) work extremely hard. They’ve picked up the system, they’re working towards it, they’re studying, getting extra film work. They’re doing all of those things. Playing quarterback is a process. You don’t come in as a freshman and all of a sudden you’re a great quarterback. It’s just not going to happen. Quarterbacks need to grow, develop, and mature.”

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