Scrimmage Recap

UTSA Football held their first live scrimmage of fall practices on Sunday at the Alamodome. During Monday’s Media Day, several coaches and players boasted about how well the team performed.

On Sunday, UTSA held their first live full 11-on-11 scrimmage of fall camp. A few days prior first year head coach Frank Wilson called the scrimmage the team’s first true “test.” Apparently, the team passed.

“The thing that was most pleasing is that we challenged them,” Wilson said of the scrimmage. “We challenged them to not wait for someone to make a play but to go out and make that play, you be that guy.”

According to several players, there were some explosive plays on both sides of the ball. 

“I don’t think it’s surprising,” Tight End Trevor Stevens said of the offense’s big plays in the scrimmage. “Throughout camp there’s going to be highs and lows on offense and defense. The important thing is that each side of the ball is going out every single day making strides. So it’s not surprising to see improvements.”

“We looked really good,” Quarterback Dalton Sturm said of the scrimmage. “We had a lot of scenarios and the offense responded good. Protection was great. We had running backs and receivers making plays. We were able to get the ball down field. We had a lot of good things going.”

The general sentiment was that no one was really surprised with how well the team performed.

“I definitely don’t think that’s surprising. We have a lot of guys on offense who can create explosive plays from every position. This is what we do,” said Wide Receiver Kerry Thomas. “Overall as a team, we’re continuing to take steps forward. That’s one of the biggest things we need to do as a team, is to always head forward.”

A lot of time during fall practices, the defense is ahead of the offense just because of the nature of football. But that’s not the case with UTSA this fall. That's something Coach Wilson attributes to preparation. 

“I think we’re about even,” Wilson said on offense vs defense. “Only because some much was done in the offseason in preparation for this moment. So many times the learning curve for the offense is so great it takes more time as opposed to the defense that is more reactionary. I think we trimmed the curve for that by being more aggressive during our football school in the summer.”

This was the first of six scrimmages UTSA is expected to hold prior to the season-opening game vs Alabama State on Sept 3. 


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